Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci – Toronto Opera Repertoire

By Darryl D’Souza


I went to the operas Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci as part of a double bill at the Bickford Centre Theatre put on by the Toronto Opera Repertoire. I was thoroughly engrossed during the performances of both and impressed by the experience.

What impressed me most was the calibre of the singing. In my opinion, the calibre of the singing is the ultimate litmus test for judging whether any opera is a success or failure. While the Bickford Centre Theatre is certainly not the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, (the home of the Canadian Opera Company), and in all truth seems more like a high school gymnasium than a theatre per se, the singing was as good – if not better – than what you’d expect to hear at the average Canadian Opera Company performance.

If you feel like opera is not for you, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, our motto here at Mooney on Theatre is: “Theatre is for everyone…so how come it doesn’t feel that way?”. If this is true of theatre in general, it’s even more true of opera. Ever since its inception over 300 hundred years ago, due to high ticket prices, seeing opera has been almost solely the privilege of the bourgeois class. Continue reading Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci – Toronto Opera Repertoire

The Marriage of Figaro – Toronto Opera Repertoire

By Adam Collier


At the Toronto Opera Repertoire production of The Marriage of Figaro, the seating was unassigned. I took a seat about ten rows from the stage in the Bickford Centre Theatre. I sat close, because I’m not too familiar with opera and wanted to take in as many details as I could, but was too timid to sit up front, because “opera” – even the word – intimidates me.

The lights go down, and three people walk across the space in front of the stage. One of them sits behind a music stand (the conductor, Adolfo De Santis), one sits at a grand piano (Valentin Bogolubov) and behind him stands a third.

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Toronto Theatre Contest – Win a pair of tickets to 'Communion'

contestwebgraphicgenericCommunion, a comedy, will be playing at the Tarragon Theatre until April 4. Written by Daniel Maclvor one of Tarragon Theatre’s newest playwrights, Communion follows three women; a daughter, mother, and her psychiatrist in the search for meaning in life. Shows run from Tuesday through Saturday at 8:00pm with 2:30pm matinees.

If you would like a chance to win a pair of free tickets to go see Communion and the comical tale of the pursuit of happiness -just be the 13th person to contact us as quoting the subject line Communion. Alsofor more information about tickets and show dates please visit The Tarragon Theatre.

Good Luck!

Future Folk – Sulong Theatre Collective at Theatre Passe Muraille

By Megan Mooney

future folk

I know this sounds odd, but often I try and read as little as possible about a show before I go. I like to go without expectations. Sometimes that means that the beginning of a show is a bit of a shock. Sulong Theatre Collective’s Future Folk playing at Theatre Passe Muraille was one of those shows.

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Rebecca Northan in Blind Date – Harbourfront Centre

by Sam Mooney

Rebecca Northan in Blind Date

When I first heard about Rebecca Northan’s Blind Date last year the idea made me feel a bit squeamish. Blind Date is an improvised show where Northan – as Mimi – picks a man from the audience as her blind date for the evening after her arranged date is a no show. Definitely cringe potential.

Then I heard so many good things about it that I really wanted to see it, but it was sold out. So when I heard the show was coming back to Toronto – to the Harbourfront Centre as part of World Stage

…obviously I had to see it. And so should you. It was a wonderful evening.

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Rhubarb Festival (Week Two) – Buddies in Bad Times

By Leanne Milech


What to say about the 31st Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre except: run, walk or skydive there – get there any way you can and DO NOT MISS OUT! This is the last week of the festival, and I implore you to check it out. Rhubarb gathers contemporary theatre artists in one building and curates a one-site, two-room festival of short, experimental theatre pieces. It’s convenient, quick and cheap at only $17 for a full night of entertainment.

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Five for Twenty (or Less)

by Leanne Milech

While the economy is slowly picking itself up, why not head to an inexpensive evening out at the theatre? No, theatre does not always cost a lot, and yes, we can prove it. Every Tuesday, Mooney on Theatre will be giving you five delicious theatre suggestions that cost $20 or less. Now you can spend your hard-earned dollars wisely on awesome, live entertainment that won’t break the bank. Below, our first five picks:

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Toronto Theatre Contest – Win a pair of tickets to 'GRIMMtoo'


Theatre Smith-Gilmour will be presenting GRIMMtoo in association with Factory Theatre.

Check out the profile piece about the show in NOW by Jon Kaplan. In the profile he tells us “A few years ago they collaborated with Humber Theatre students on a Grimm-based show. The project worked so well that, as part of the company’s 30th anniversary, the troupe has devised GRIMM too. The work stays away from the familiar tales – Cinderella, Hansel And Gretel, for example – and sticks with lesser-known narratives.”

GRIMMtoo is playing until March 21, 2010 at the Factory Theatre Studio with ticket prices ranging from $20 to $28. But, if you’re lucky, you might not even need to pay, because you can win a pair of tickets to the Thursday February 25 show.

To win just be the lucky 13th person to email us at, with the subject line “GRIMMtoo” before noon on Wednesday.

For more information, see the press release below.

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