Mirvish will be buying the Canon and Panasonic theatres after all

Looks like Dancap’s attempt to stop Mirvish from buying the Canon and Panasonic Theatre  was not successful.  (hmm, both of these theatre’s are named after – and therefore presumably sponsored by – camera companies.  Maybe to celebrate the buying of the theatre they should give everyone digital cameras.  *grin*)

I have to say, it’s fascinating to watch these two mega-theatres go head-to-head.  Although it’s hard to disagree with the ruling, since the sale was in the terms of the lease signed 10 years ago, one does wonder what this will mean for Dancap in the years to come.  This basically leaves them with the Elgin, Wintergarden and the Toronto Centre for the Arts to put on shows with huge audiences.  I mean, somehow I doubt they’ll be trying to rents space from Factory theatre…

Maybe they could rent the new opera house when it’s not being used for ballet or opera.

Anyway, it was a fun little drama to watch, I’m almost a little sad it’s over…

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