Joe White And The Seven Divorcees (Brock & John) – 2010 Fringe Festival Toronto

By Adam Collier

A musical titled Joe White And The Seven Divorcees is onstage at the Bathurst Street theatre. Brock & John produce the show. It runs as part of Fringe, a festival that has steadily grown over the last two decades to include one hundred and fifty works this year.

“I’m guessing it’s a take on ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’,” a patron near me in line said, laughing, shrugging a bit in reply to a question of what he was expecting from the show.

Another patron said that he had come to Joe White And The Seven Divorcees because of good buzz about the singers. He added that he wasn’t usually a theatre person, but “I like the late night shows like this” (curtain time was close to midnight).

Joe White And The Seven Divorcees is a playful take on what happens when a young prince runs-off to the forest to escape his father. And in the forest meets the love of his life (she is Charming, accompanied by six other divorcees at a self-help retreat).

The songs are very funny. And at the end, the audience gave an ovation that sustained for at least thirty seconds.


– Joe White And the Seven Divorcees is playing at the Bathurst Street Theatre

– Remaining performances include: Wednesday July 7th at 9:15PM; Thursday July 8th at 1:45PM; Friday July 9th at Noon, and; Saturday July 10th at 7:30PM.