Dinosaur Ego (Bugs In Amber) – 2010 Fringe Festival Toronto

By Adam Collier

A company called Bugs In Amber is mounting a play at St. George’s Auditorium as part of Fringe. The title of the play is Dinosaur Ego. St. George’s Auditorium is a regal space (a banner on one wall reads “Manners Maketh Men”). And – blissfully – has air-conditioning.

Dinosaur Ego begins with a young couple having sex. The guy says, “I love you” as he climaxes, and a few post-coital moments later the girl dumps him.

The next morning, the girl returns to her ex-lover’s apartment to pick-up some things she’s left, and the roommate there negotiates a sexual arrangement with her. They then have sex (off-stage this time).

Meantime, the first guy (his name is Shawn) goes on a date with a homeless girl (her name is Silhouette), and invites her up to the apartment. Shawn’s roommate (his name is Nick) accidentally reveals to Silhouette that he’s slept with Shawn’s ex-girlfriend (her name is Erin).

Erin returns with a letter for Shawn and suspecting it reveals the new sexual arrangement Nick destroys it, and – continues to – verbally attack Silhouette in an attempt to intimate and discredit her in front of Shawn.

Nick’s hyperbolic behavior, in turn, causes Shawn to move-out.

Dinosaur Ego got laughs all the way through. And there are some nice images created on stage (credit belongs to Derek Gingrich).

The playwright Alex Carter (also “Nick” in the play) has conceived a strong plot (the many devices Mr. Carter uses are well deployed). And there’s verisimilitude to the events.

I gave Dinosaur Ego a short, polite round of applause.


– Dinosaur Ego plays at the St. George’s Auditorium (120 Howland, in the Annex)

– Remaining show times: Tuesday July 6th at 6:15PM; Friday July 9th at 2:15PM, and: Saturday July 10th at 10:30PM

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  1. Thank you for coming out to the show! Just want to give credit to the co-director Dan Vena for the images on stage as well – for some reason, his name is lacking in the Fringe program and I want to make sure he gets proper credit!

    Much love,


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