Luminato 2011 Review – Natural Magick: David Ben (Produced in association with Magicana)

Magic shows are… well they’re magical. We suspend belief, gasping with delight as the coins pour from someone’s nose and applauding wildly when the torn crumpled pieces of paper turn out to be whole. Even the most jaded skeptic responds to magic.

Not that tonight’s audience at the Luminato presentation of David Ben’s show Natural Magick were jaded, but there were definitely some skeptics who were there under duress. After the show I overheard one man saying how glad he was that he had gone, how much he had enjoyed the show and how much he really didn’t want to go.

Another lovely thing about magic shows is the age range of the audience- from children to great-grandparents – and the balance of men and women.

David Ben has terrific stage presence.  He’s completely at home on the stage. I think that’s why people in the audience are so willing to go on stage and be part of the act. That was part of the magic of the evening – how easily Ben got people up on stage and how relaxed they seemed while they were there.

It was particularly lovely when he had children helping him. Their sheer amazement when they did something that resulted in magic was a joy.

The show was primarily sleight of hand, misdirection, and card tricks – what I think of as old-fashioned magic.  It’s my favourite kind: one person on the stage doing amazing things with minimal props. I love it when the ball appears under the cup that you least expect it to be under. How can that possibly happen when I never take my eyes off the magician’s hands?

The back of the stage had three large screens.  When Ben referred to famous magicians from the past there were pictures and movies of them behind him as he performed one of their tricks.  It was well done and became part of the show.

Go see Natural Magick.  Take your children and your parents and your grandparents. Enjoy 90 minutes of wonder. A terrific way to spend an evening.


Natural Magick is part of Luminato and is playing at Tarragon Theatre’s Mainspace (30 Bridgman Ave)
– Performances are on June 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 at 8pm
– Tickets are $36.50 to $41.50
– Tickets are available online or by phone at 416-368-4849.  I would imagine that there are tickets at the box office on the evening of the performance but I wouldn’t rely on that.