Uncalled For Presents Hypnogogic Logic (Uncalled For) 2011 Toronto Fringe Review

There is no doubt about it, those Uncalled For boys sure know how to put on a fringe show. And a standing ovation at the end of tonight’s show proved just that.The thing that makes them stand out is that they are really smart. And not smart in a pompous way so that you walk out of their show thinking, ‘I don’t get it’. But smart in a way that makes you think about what they are saying and shake your head in a sort of, ‘how did they come up with that’ sort of way. This is why I liked this show so much – it was so damn clever. And funny too.

The four of them strike a really good balance, sharing the stage equally.  They all have great character work and their background as talented improvisers really shines through. The show has a great flow to it, no scene goes on too long and their transitions are excellent. I don’t want to tell you too much but the wine tasting scene was pretty darn awesome.

Above it all you really get a sense that they are having so much fun up there – and why wouldn’t they be – in one scene they are all shooting each other with fake hand guns and they look like a bunch of kids in their lifesavers costumes and they have to be enjoying it.

That is what makes good entertainment, you have to love what you do. They love it – and so do we. Do yourselves a favour and see this wacky, intelligent, super funny show. THEY WILL SELL OUT!


Uncalled For Presents Hypnogogic Logic

Director: Uncalled For
Cast: Matt Goldberg, Anders Yates, Dan Jeannotte, and more.
Genre: Comedy
Venue 3 Bathurst Street Theatre

60 min.
Fri, July 8 8:45 PM 311
Sat, July 9 1:45 PM 314
Sun, July 10 10:30 PM 325
Mon, July 11 6:30 PM 329
Tue, July 12 3:15 PM 333
Thu, July 14 7:30 PM 349
Fri, July 15 3:30 PM 354