Review: Dusk Dances 2011 (Dusk Dances)

With equipment making unsettling suggestions that it might electrocute the performers at Dusk Dances 2011, producers called an end to last Wednesday’s show early due to the rain.

I was disappointed to say the least.

But it was probably a good call. A sudden downpour was causing the speakers to produce ominous crackling sounds.

The scene, up until the rain began, was like something out of a Georges Seurat  painting.

There were blankets laid out on the grass. Patrons were laying back leisurely. Dog owners were walking by with their dogs. Kid owners were walking by, pushing strollers.

And imagine: this tranquil scene of neighbours after a summer day was totally ensconced in lush foliage, and bluegrass. The bluegrass was coming from a live band, called “Moonshine’s Daughter.”

The singer’s lilt was like a birdsong. And the instruments, including a guitar, stand-up bass, mandolin, and banjo, just had this immediately intoxicating, uplifting power to them together.

To my ear, the acoustics were perfect – especially impressive for an outdoor venue.

When the rain came down, the Throwdown Collective was about two-thirds through the opening number of Dusk Dances 2011. Their performance piece was called, “Boxset.”

The good news is Dusk Dances 2011 runs until this Sunday. I hope to catch another performance of this show later this week so that I can offer a full review. Beginning at seven, the tickets are pay-what-you-can. “Moonshine’s Daughter” appears as the open musical act each night.

Dusk Dances 2011 plays at Withrow Park, south of the Danforth between Elgin and Carlaw
– Plays nightly at 7pm from August 2 to 7, 2011
– Tickets are Pay What You Can