Review: Momentum 2012 (The School of Toronto Dance Theatre)

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre showcases new talent at Momentum 2012

Before Thursday, I didn’t know the name Jean-Pierre Perreault from any other.

That night I couldn’t Google the name fast enough.

An excerpt of the late Canadian choreographer’s work is featured as part of Momentum 2012, which opened Thursday night and runs until May 12th at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Mr. Perreault’s Joe et Rodolphe is the third work of the night.

Costumes for Joe et Rodolphe ought to make fans of the Mad Men series smile. Performers are dressed à la Don Draper.

So, imagine a phalanx of Don Drapers, thumping rubber soles and swishing London Fog trench coats the only score, as they run, tumble, leap, and march.

I’m barely doing the work justice, though.

What Mr. Perreault offers is not gimmicky acrobatics, but more of a gentle magic to pedestrian life.

And the effect on me is like watching a Gene Kelly movie or that that sequence in Mary Poppins when the chimney sweeps are singing: something inside me flutters with joy.

Joe et Rodolphe is performed by the superlative third year cohort of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, which includes: Chantal Baudouin; Olivia Citter; Helen Cox; Neesha de Souza; Jessie Garon; Amelia Iverson; Megumi Kokuba; Amanda LaRusic; Sarah Leuschen; Sarah Reid; Lara Roberts; Anastasia Shivrina; Jarrett Siddall; Kristine Van Kessel; Jelena Vujicic; Natalie Westerbeek; Angela (Ya Qing) Zhou.

The third years also perform a work by Christopher House, titled Vena Cava.

Vena Cava was the sixth work of Momentum 2012. And with itslighter-than-air choreography – the lead male dancer, in particular, got a lot of people around me talking – this was by far one of the best works by Mr. House I have seen.

Before the show began, reading through the program, I was most looking forward to a work by Jennifer Dallas, titled Water.

Over the last year or so, I have been in steady awe of Ms. Dallas’ costumes for other works at the Toronto Dance Theatre.

Water was nothing short of my expectations. Ms. Dallas’ sense of style for clothing, which seems understated in design and bold in colour choices, translates pleasurably to choreography.

Water was performed by The School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s second year cohort, which includes: Robyn Breen; Nicole Carr; Amber d’Entrenont; Claudine Dubé; Joey Eddy; Mateo Galindo Torres; Christian Camilo Giraldo; Jessica Hall; Greg Harris; Marie Lambin-Gagnon; Britanny LaRusic; Damian Norman; Turner Norman; Kassi Scott; Ann Trépanier; Mathieu Trépanier; Kathia Wittenborn; Michelle Zimmerman.

The second-years also performed a work titled Etudes for strings and bows, credited to Louis Laberge-Coté and the dancers.

I’m a sucker for movement set to strings; it always seems so graceful and swan-like.

The first-year cohort performed two works in Momentum 2012: in the boom of the tingling strings, and Crazy Strangers.

All in all, it’s an absolutely superlative night. And I’d very strongly recommend going!


Momentum 2012 is playing at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (80 Winchester Street) until May 12th 2012
– Performances run May 3 to May 5 and May 10 to May 12 at 8:00 PM
– Tickets are $19.00 and $15.00 for students and seniors
– Tickets are available at the door, by calling 416-967-6887, or online


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  1. Excellent review! I made the trip up from the States and I had the opportunity to see the performance twice: opening night, and again on Friday. I quite agree: Joe et Rodolphe, Vena Cava, and Water were all excellent, powerful, masterful, moving. A personal favorite of mine was the comedic Crazy Strangers, choreographed by Sharon Moore and performed by an exceptionally talented group of first-year students. Bravo! I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t seen the performance get a ticket and go – there are still several performances next week!

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