Empire of the Magic Beanstalks – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

From press release


The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel join forces in an epic and hilarious tale to bring down the corrupt Empire of the Magic Beanstalks, controlled by Jack and his mother, before its pollution destroys the world for good.

“It’s a fairytale…fun, light-hearted and comedic. But it has a strong environmental message,” said the show’s writer and co-producer Daniel J. Karpenchuk.

“I  always thought the most fantastical game changing event of the Jack and the Beanstalk story was the beanstalk itself…it’s very powerful. They could be cultivated and it would evolve into an agricultural revolution with enormous environmental repercussions.”

The beanstalk industry is having devastating effects on the planet. Temperatures are climbing higher and the run-off from the processing centres is being dumped into the ocean. Fish are dying and the people of the sea, the merfolk, are succumbing to the fatal “red tide”, a disease not even the fish doctors can cure.

“I loved the idea of having the little mermaid come ashore as a kind of crusader for the cause. A lot of the romantic moments of her original story are still there, but with a twist.”

“It’s a very visually stimulating play with realistic sword-fights and epic battles. There’s something for everyone and it’s a play parents and children can both really enjoy.”

Vampire Frog Productions presents Empire of the Magic Beanstalks at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival as part of FringeKids! The play runs from July 5-14 at the Toronto Public Library’s Palmerston Theatre.

For more information visit us at www.magicbeanstalks.com