Stamped: A Story About Daniel, who Happens to Have Autism (Theatre of the Aware) 2012 Toronto Fringe Review

Anyone who can perform in a noisy alley and still draw a crowd despite competing with beer, live music and art displays must be doing something right. They must also be very brave. Both seem to be the case with Sarah Magni’s Stamped, playing at the Fringe artist alley Outdoor Stage.

But although it looks daunting to me, Magni appears very comfortable in this environment, a natural in her one-woman alley-act. Watching her I soon forget about the distracting scene around me. There is something very likeable about her and her straightforward story.

Less of a play with characters and more the telling of a story with put-on voices, Magni recounts her life as a ‘normal’ girl growing up with an autistic brother. Her show aims to engage with notions of labels and how they affect our interactions with others and ourselves.

Magni certainly does talk about this, but don’t go expecting any serious social conclusions to be drawn. Her story is just that – her account of her and her brother’s experiences with labels and personal definition.

But this works for her, a humble story told in humble circumstances. Although I was unfortunately sitting in the back (she really did fill all the seats!) and couldn’t hear many of the lines my fellow audience members chuckled at, I still had a good time. Afterwards many exclamations of, “Well that was just lovely!” were heard.

You get my drift? It’s a heartwarming tale. It’s all about family. It’s a nice way to spend 45 minutes in the alley during Fringe. Plus, it’s free, with pwyc donations going to charity. You can feel good about every part of this show.

• Stamped is playing at the Fringe Club at Honest Ed’s (581 Bloor St. W)
• Showtimes are July 04 06:30 PM, July 08 06:30 PM, July 09 06:30 PM, July 10 08:30 PM, July 11 06:30 PM, July 13 08:30 PM, July 14 06:30 PM, July 15 08:30 PM
• Alleyplay tickets are Pay What You Can