Review: Babes In Space: in 3-DD! (Red Herring Productions)

Caught in the trash compactor of a spaceship, what’s a Storm Trooper to do to escape but strip off her armor?

When away from the stifling anxiety of R2-D2, who’s to say C3PO doesn’t have an XXX-rated version?

Hypotheticals such as these are the lifeblood of the burlesque show, Babes In Space: in 3-DD! 

Hosted by Wolfman, a furry character in a Jedi-esque robe, fond of mentioning his Greek-Jewish parentage, Babes In Space: in 3-DD! features characters from Star Wars and Star Trek. Officially, the show is described as “Star Wars vs. Star Trek.”

When I told a friend the theme, he gave a little shrug-laugh.

That abbreviation for versus got me wondering though.

Both space epics have eccentric robots and eccentric aliens. And, boy oh boy, do the performers do a bang-up job of making that eclectic range of outcasts sexy.

For example, the emotionally clueless android Data is turned into nothing short of a love machine.

That über-logical Vulcan, Spock, as portrayed by Bianca Boom Boom, strikes poses that might stop a rocket in mid-flight.

But there wasn’t, to me at least, any real sense of competition between Star Trek characters and Star Wars ones, as the press material implies.

Moreover, some of the acts, as stunning as they were, were a bit tangential.

For example, an aerialist restarts the show after an intermission, performing with a giant, transparent cube suspended about ten feet in the air. I winced watching; many times the aerialist was literally hanging by her feet over the bare floor.

Or, for example, one of the first acts of the night was by a performer named JD Sparks gyrating inside a glow-in-the-dark hoola-hoop while stripping-off a skintight outfit.

Tangents are forgivable though. I wasn’t in the mood for something narrative heavy, and wasn’t expecting it either. What I was expecting is top-notch dancing with imaginative, lascivious, if not humorously sexual, choreography.

This is precisely what I got. And Revival, a nightclub on College Street, with its bright stage lights and a sound system that carries heavy bass lines well, served the show’s uncomplicated production needs. That said, tmakeup and costumes were fantastic.

When Babes In Space: in 3-D! rolls around again, the show played two night this go-around, Sunday August 26th and Thursday, August 30th – I’d definitely recommend going.