Review: Egg Zeppelin (Bad Dog Theatre)

Toronto’s Bad Dog Theatre brings the wit in their latest production Egg Zeppelin

In the opening oeuvre of Egg Zeppelin, there’s an exchange between a flight attendant and passenger that goes something like –

Do you want pretzels, or chips?


Did you say chips?


You said chips, right?


The flight attendant returns with a bag of chips.

The exchange, part of a short film by Spookey Ruben, was the sort of humor driven by misunderstandings that I love.

Following Mr. Ruben’s film, and a wry stand-up set by Heidi Brander, Egg Zeppelin, which played on October 3rd at Comedy Bar, offered an extended riffing session, called long-form improvisation, between Kris Siddiqi and Marcel St. Pierre.

Siddiqi and St. Pierre were later accompanied by Matt Folliott and Spookey Ruben.

Though not quite as silly as the film, the riffing session, which began with an audience suggestion – popcorn – had the same calm, comfortable rhythm to it.

This was a welcome relief to me. The thing that intimidates me from going to more comedy shows is the thought that the show might consist of high energy performers, aggressively trying to make people laugh.

Egg Zeppelin was relaxed, clever, and gentle. The performers tend away from cynicism and sarcasm – the default mode for comedy, I sometimes find –and more toward witty and playful.

The next Egg Zeppelin comes up in early December at Comedy Bar. I’m definitely going to try to make it!