Review: Delicacy (Theatre Bruhaha)

A few minutes into Delicacy playing until November 3rd at Factory Studio Theatre, a young woman named Colby enters.

Looking around, her jaw drops. Everything is so white, she exclaims.

I was struck by the same thought.

Not only is the décor creamy. Colby’s hosts, Tanya and Mark, are like something out of the Victorian age.

They’re not so much pretentious. But between Mark’s “indoor shoes,” a pair he has dedicated just to wear in the condo, and Tanya’s long dress that emphasizes shape and shows little skin, both come across as pretty formal.

Colby played by Kelly McCormack, and her partner Len, played by Kaleb Alexander, on the other hand seem pretty much free saying and doing what they want.

The mismatched grouping alone is a recipe for comedy.

What led to wave after wave of rapturous laughter though, is that these couples plan to swing together; that is, Mark, played by Andy Trithardt will have sex with Colby, and Tanya, played by Tennille Read, will do the same with Len.

The couples met weeks earlier at a sex club called Wicked.

It was such a fulfilling experience – or, at least such an out of the ordinary experience from Mark and Tanya’s routine of sex three-times a week in a white bed, in a white room, in a white condo – particularly for Tanya, that they’ve agreed to try it again.

Right from the get-go Len and the outspoken Colby are ready for sex, while the slightly older host couple, it seems, are just trying to play good hosts and approach the gathering as a more traditional get-together. They bring-out wine, and cheeses, and make an effort at conversation, at one point turning to a game to open one another up to share stories.

The whole thing just erupts into a massive – no, I won’t spoil it. But just know that neither the actors nor the playwright, Kat Sandler, show any indication of bashfulness by the play’s end: absolutely everything is revealed. Very worth seeing!


– Delicacy is playing at the Fact0ry Studio Theatre ( (125 Bathurst Street) until November 3rd
– The show runs Wednesday through Sunday
– Showtime is 8:00 PM
– Tickets cost $20.00; $15.00 on Wednesday; Sunday is PWYC
– Tickets are available at the door; online (
– More information is available online at

Photo: Kaleb Alexander and Tennille Read. Credit: Alec Toller