Review: Switch Off: The Duos Edition (Touch My Stereotype)

Comedy Bar in Toronto brings some friendly comedic competition to the stage with a recurring series of shows

As the three comedy duos in Switch Off had tied for points, a final contest was required.

Jars of pickled jalapenos were brought out.

Switch Off, an ongoing series at the Comedy Bar, works like this: three teams interpret three scenes. So what the audience sees is three versions of three scenes. At the end of each set, when all the performers have gone up to do a scene, the audience votes out-of-five on each team’s interpretation.

In the Duos Edition on November 14, the teams kept tying with fives. A tie breaker was needed. That’s where the jalapenos came in.

The duos – Ladystache, Fun Car, and The Templeton Philharmonic – broke into feeders and eaters. For a minute, eaters swallowed as many “lil’ f*ckers,” as one person onstage put it later, as feeders managed to pluck out.

It was just a friendly competition. But whatever extra bit of drive that comes with wanting to out-perform can’t be under-valued.

At least, for the audience, that is. I laughed so much I probably made a fool of myself. (Oops.)

The consistent scores of fives were, I think, absolutely, totally deserved. After all, it was me in the front row, cheering and clapping riotously amongst the others in the audience, for fives.

Switch Off  was the second show at Comedy Bar I’ve seen lately that just bowled me over. It’s a cool, fun place, with highly talented, easily approachable performers. I’d strongly recommend checking out their work there if you’re in the Ossington-Bloor neck of the city.

The next Switch Off is December 12, 2012 at the Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St W).