Fuckboys The Musical – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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F*ckboys The Musical
A Haphazard Guide to Navigating the Modern Dating Scene

2019 Ontario Fringe Tour

Windsor-Walkerville, London, Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton

After taking Orlando Fringe by storm, F*ckboys The Musical is coming to Ontario! Serving up an unapologetic look at the modern dating scene, F*ckboys The Musical will visit five Ontario cities May – July 2019 as part of the Fringe Festival circuit.

/ˈfəkˌboi/ ° noun
1. a weak or contemptible man.

o   a man who has many casual sexual partners.

Karaoke. Every Wednesday, with four best friends. What could possibly mess that up? That’s right: f*ckboys. An epidemic truly sweeping the nation, f*ckboys are “literal garbage and must be stopped!”

In this hilarious one-act musical, four women will demonstrate the skills needed to take down these pestering, pathetic and persistent predators in today’s dating scene. F*ckboys is a musical extravaganza that is not to be missed!

“Sharp and Funny” – Orlando Sentinel

“Broadway-worthy” – Orlando Weekly

Voted Critics’ Choice Best Musical at Orlando Fringe 2018 and Best Musical at the 2018 Tampa Theatre Festival, F*ckboys The Musical was written by Savannah Cassidy Pedersen and features a kick-ass cast including Savannah Cassidy Pedersen, Nicole Visco, Hayley VerValin, Kendall Leamy, Beth Ann Stripling, Brandon Munoz-Dominguez, Joseph Gonzalez, and stage manager Julie Gottfried.

F*ckboys The Musical
2019 Ontario Fringe Tour

Windsor Walkerville Fringe Festival
May 22 – 26
Annex Theatre, 1519 Wyandotte Street East, Windsor

London Fringe
May 28 – June 8
The Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas Street, London, ON

Ottawa Fringe
June 13 – 23

Toronto Fringe Festival
July 3 – 14

Hamilton Fringe
July 18 – 28

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