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Adelina has enjoyed theatre from an early age when one of her elementary teachers cast her in school play. That was the beginning of Adelina's passion for theatre. She then pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Arts followed by a Bachelor of Education degree. She continues to be actively involved in community theatre, dance and loves to put on productions with her students! As a writer for Mooney on Theatre, Adelina feels she is very fortunate to go out and see fellow performers on stage as their work continues to inspire her.

Review: Kisageetin: A Cabaret

By Adelina Fabiano

Standing ovation for a powerful, poetic and passionate cabaret at a Toronto Theatre!

Bring together a sexy powerful voice, a sassy sax player and charming pianist and storyteller…and what do you get? Kisageetin: A Cabaret! With only one performance to go at the Canadian Stage Berkeley St theatre, this cabaret was worth running to (in spite of the G20 mayhem!). Playing in the intimate and characteristic space of one of the Berkeley theatres, this superb show deserves the accolades it is about to receive! Continue reading Review: Kisageetin: A Cabaret

Review: Larger Than Life: The Musical-Ghost light Projects

 By: Adelina Fabiano

 Lively, light-hearted Musical livens up a little Toronto stage

 Larger than life: The Musical, presented by Ghost Light Projects, at Factory Theatre proved to be as great as its title. Featuring songs like, “These Ain’t Mama’s Tits”, and “Fat Cow in a China Shop”, this show leaves you feeling ready to grab life by the horns. Continue reading Review: Larger Than Life: The Musical-Ghost light Projects

Theatre Review: Stitch-An a cappella opera by Urbanvessel at the Theatre Center

By Adelina Fabiano

Original and organic operetta overpowers our senses

The repetitive and rhythmical sound of, “Chain stitch, lock stitch, whip stitch”, repeatedly played in my head as I left the theatre this evening. Urbanvessel’s production of Stitch, at the Theatre Centre provides us with a glimpse into the inner imaginings of the women who work tirelessly in sewing sweatshops.

Stitch, cleverly written by composer-librettist duo Juliet Palmer and Anna Chatterton, is an unexpected, profoundly powerful piece of fine art at its best. Continue reading Theatre Review: Stitch-An a cappella opera by Urbanvessel at the Theatre Center

Review: Featuring Loretta-Factory Theatre

By Adelina Fabiano

Funny, frank and freeing, Featuring Loretta makes for a fun filled evening at Factory Theatre


I have always been a fan of George F. Walker . His characters, deeply troubled, and deeply frustrated, somehow speak to all of us. In Factory Theatre’s Featuring Loretta, Walker once again introduces us to a woman struggling to find freedom and security in the midst of mayhem.

Continue reading Review: Featuring Loretta-Factory Theatre

Review: Waiting for the Parade-Soulpepper

By Adelina Fabiano

Waiting for the Parade comes marching onto the Toronto Theatre scene

I‘ve anticipated Soulpepper‘s Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell for the longest time. Having performed parts of this play myself back in high school, I felt a close kinship to the piece and couldn’t wait to see what Soulpepper Theatre Company was going to do with it. Waiting for the Parade was definitely worth the wait!

Continue reading Review: Waiting for the Parade-Soulpepper