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S. Bear Bergman has great faith in the power of theatre to make change, and has been putting his money where his mouth is on that one for some time. A writer, performer, and lecturer, Bear works full time as an artist and cultural worker and loves to see as much live performance as possible – making this a fantastic gig for him.

Review: One Man Star Wars Trilogy (Starvox)

Starvox presents the original Star Wars trilogy in a one-man show on stage in Toronto

I took Starvox at their word about One Man Star Wars Trilogy being suitable for “ages six to Yoda” on opening night at Bluma Appel Theatre and brought my favorite six-year-old Star Wars fan, Stanley, along to see Charles Ross’ solo rendition of all three movies, by himself, in 75 minutes. With nothing but a mic and a remarkable array of mouth noises, Ross recaps the entire trilogy. Though obviously a heroic endeavor, and clearly very appealing to the three guys sitting behind me, my small companion and I concurred – not really our cup of tea.

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Review: Portraits In Motion (Harbourfront World Stage)

Volker Gerling - Portraits in Motion - photo by Franz RitschelToronto’s Harbourfront World Stage presents Portraits in Motion, a show featuring flip books

Portraits In Motion, curated as part of the Harbourfront World Stage series, is…not really theatre. It has a performative aspect to it, I suppose, and it’s interesting in it’s own way, but I feel compelled to open this review with the following above-the-folk piece of information: there is nothing performative about this presentation. The materials attached suggest that photographer Volker Gerling has invented “an entirely new form of theatre,” but I am not convinced. It seems, really, like a long version of a TED talk or an unusually good invited lecture in the Fine Arts department.

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Preview: The Wizard of Oz (Young People’s Theatre)

Wizzard of Oz, YPT

Few stories have such cultural traction in young hearts and minds as The Wizard of Oz does, and few cultural institutions gets so much so right about what interests young people as does Young People’s Theatre. So it makes perfect sense that during their silver anniversary season (50 years!), YPT tackle the venerable, delightful tale of a young person who dreams vividly of a different life.

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Review: The Judas Kiss (Mirvish)


A Most Satisfying Judas Kiss On Stage In Toronto

Suspicious by nature, I find myself imagining the conversation that led to mounting The Judas Kiss as something like: “Let’s have a literary hero, an emotional rollercoaster of a script, a movie actor to star in it, and a couple of beautiful boys swanning about naked at intervals!” And indeed, the show had a very successful run in London before stopping by The Ed Mirvish Theatre on the way to Broadway. The truth about the formula, though, is that it works: The Judas Kiss is remarkably satisfying on several levels.

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Preview: New Ideas Festival (Alumnae Theatre)

Photo from the New Ideas Festival by Bruce Peters

What do three women mountain climbers at the top of their game, a dysfunctional parent council, three curious housemaids, a group of at-risk kids in a rehab yoga class, a street canvasser, a South American cardinal with a shady past, and Irish poet W.B. Yeats have in common? If your instinct was to say “nothing at all,” then you might want to check out the fascinating lineup in store for you at the New Ideas Festival, running March 9 – 27 at Alumnae Theatre.

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