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Jeff was introduced to theatre at a young age, enjoying such shows as The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Cats. His love for live performance grew through watching various Fringe Festival and SummerWorks shows. Jeff loves the raw reality of theatre performance. He is drawn to the fact that there are no do-overs and there is no screen in between the audience and the performers. Theatre is as live and true as life itself. He maintains a website of his own at, that features his own stories and musings about the written word.

Review: Blithe Spirit (Mortar & Pestle)

Riley_Anne_Nelson_and_Devin_UphamBlithe Spirit is “a playful night” of theatre on stage in Toronto

The Gerrard Art Space is alive with the ghosts of Noël Coward’s Blithe Spirit. The show is presented by the newly formed Mortar & Pestle Productions, and was chosen by director Melissa Beveridge “to introduce the company on a playful note.” I enjoyed the opening night performance of this quirky comedy.

This is also the first time the Gerrard Art Space has been used for a theatre presentation. The venue is a small, storefront space that I almost walked by before retracing my steps and walking into the bright room to be greeted by an intimate and eclectic set up. Continue reading Review: Blithe Spirit (Mortar & Pestle)

Preview: The Rhubarb Festival (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)

hero_Rhubarb37-860x410Buddies In Bad Times Theatre is gearing up to present the 37th Rhubarb Festival from February 17th to February 28th 2016. The Rhubarb Festival is Canada’s longest running new-works festival, featuring performances from both emerging and established artists in theatre, music, performance dance and art.

Rhubarb has set up multiple nightly performances with experimentation at its core, so that each night is unique and entertaining.

We asked festival director Mel Hague a few questions about what can be expected at this year’s Rhubarb Festival. Continue reading Preview: The Rhubarb Festival (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)

Review: Taking Care of Baby (The Care Takers)

Photo of Miranda Calderon by John Gundy

The Care Takers deliver a haunting tale of mental illness, at the Storefront Theatre in Toronto

Taking Care of Baby, playing at The Storefront Theatre, is a haunting, dark, and at points humorous take on the impact of mental illness on a family. Billed as a “fake documentary”, with the overall theme of “truth” at its core, Taking Care of Baby presents us with various characters and various truths, which made for an intriguing Friday night. Continue reading Review: Taking Care of Baby (The Care Takers)

Review: Riding on a Cloud (The Theatre Centre/Progress)

Riding on a Cloud looks at life before and after a tragic event, at the Theatre Centre in Toronto

Riding on a Cloud, playing at The Theatre Centre as part of the Progress Festival, is, simply put, a powerful performance. Writer and Director Rabih Mroué uses cassette recordings, video, and the performance of his brother Yasser Mroué to tell the story of Yasser before and after the accident that took away parts of Yasser’s life. Continue reading Review: Riding on a Cloud (The Theatre Centre/Progress)