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Jess is an East coast transplant to Toronto who stumbled into her love of theatre via her social media gig at Ballyhoo Push Pin Media, and stumbled into review writing via an open call to cover the 2015 Fringe Festival for MoT. In addition to writing for MoT, she also blogs about dating, white supremacy, fat politics, theatre, graphic design, and sex at She’s a self-taught freelance graphic designer by trade, and a visual artist by passion. She sells and displays her wares at She’s passionate about laughter, anti-oppression, sex workers’ rights, body positivity, vegan food, cycling, good TV, and swimming. If you want to follow her foodie, nail art, and pet sitting posts, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @TheJessGillis

Lust & Marriage (Dance Naked Productions) 2015 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Eleanor O'Brien by Lloyd Lemmerman

I laughed. I cried. There were sex jokes galore, and tales of blowjobs gone horribly, horribly wrong. Mostly I watched one woman’s heartfelt story of finding love, and herself – with the help of a children’s book and potent hallucinogens – in Dance Naked Productions’ performance of Lust & Marriage, part of Toronto Fringe Festival’s 2015 lineup. Continue reading Lust & Marriage (Dance Naked Productions) 2015 Toronto Fringe Review

Review: First Day Back (Ten Foot Pole Theatre)

Rob Salerno in First Day Back. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Waiting in the Storefront Theatre lobby for Ten Foot Pole’s production of First Day Back to begin, the venue hostess came out and announced: “Students, Mr. McKenzie’s class is now open”.

“Does she mean us?” a few of us wondered aloud, amused and puzzled. I was pretty sure we were there to see a one-man show centred around a bullied high school junior’s tragic suicide and the after-effects on his teachers and classmates, not be transported back into a high school classroom. Turns out, we were about to experience both. Continue reading Review: First Day Back (Ten Foot Pole Theatre)