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Review: Real Life Superhero (Minmar Gaslight Productions)

Toronto theatre that probes: Real Life Superhero will make you ask real life questions.

I must admit I walked into Real Life Superhero (Minmar Gaslight Productions) at the Winchester Street Theatre, thinking it would be a comedy. This is in spite of the blurb on the website that tells you it is about a reporter probing into the life of a superhero after he has been murdered.

I don’t know if it was the poster of a guy with an outfit or just the idea that a regular everyday person would put on a costume and going off into the night to fight crime seems so ridiculous that I made an unconscious assumption that it couldn’t possibly be about anything serious.

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SummerWorks: An Exhibit of Performance Art

You’ve wandered the Luminato art exhibits, drank too many beers at the Fringe Tent, caught free Jazz Fest shows at Nathan Phillips Square, and saw an impressive amount of skin at the Pride Parade. You may be exhausted from ticket websites, show schedules, and plot synopses, but there is at least one more performance-driven festival that is worth checking out.

SummerWorks is more like an exhibit than a series of shows – one that is dynamic and driven, and asks questions about the what constitutes performance and its nature. “The work is often very challenging; questioning contemporary systems of thinking,” says SummerWorks‘ Artistic Producer, Michael Rubenfeld. “So while it’s always very strong, entertaining, and exciting, it’s also very socio-political.”

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Review: Troilus & Cressida (UC Follies)

Troilus & Cressida pours out its soul in front of the Hart House Theatre.

There are few things that sound more romantically summertime than watching theatre in a park. So when I got the opportunity to see Troilus & Cressida (UC Follies) in front of the Hart House Theatre, I jumped on the chance.

It is an ambitious play to tackle, as the mood manic-depressively swings between comedy and tragedy and history (its known as one of Shakespeare’s problem plays). It follows the dispute between the Greeks (led by Agamemnon) and the Trojan’s over the theft of what we commonly know as the Face that Launched a Thousand Ships, Helen of Troy. Continue reading Review: Troilus & Cressida (UC Follies)

Review: The Memory in the Mud (Words in Motion)

Take a walk on history’s theatrical side with Words in Motion at Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks.

Memory in the Mud (Words in Motion) is a blend of narrative, tour, history, and geology lesson. This walking performance takes audience members through parts of the environmentally-focused community centre, Evergreen Brickworks.

Even if you don’t have a car, it is a short but bumpy shuttle ride (free of charge) from Broadview Station, with a few other TTC buses stopping nearby. Plan your timing carefully and you won’t be stuck in the sun too long. Continue reading Review: The Memory in the Mud (Words in Motion)

Behind The Scenes of Temple of Khaos 2012 Toronto Fringe Feature

It was the first Saturday afternoon of Toronto Fringe 2012, when we spot one of the cast members of Temple of Khaos (Daniel Nimmo), Amy J. Lester, at the Fringe club we waved her down and told her how much we loved her show.

Lester is bubbly and energetic, and very excited to speak to us about the show. She immediately phones her castmate Daniel Nimmo to come down for an interview. Nimmo is more somber, but not without a striking intensity, which  makes for an interesting dynamic.  Continue reading Behind The Scenes of Temple of Khaos 2012 Toronto Fringe Feature