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My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding – the CTV story

So, you’ve heard on this blog about how a show we loved (check out the review from when it was at Fringe) was picked up by Mirvish. The theatre version of a fairy tale I suppose…

Well, if you want some more back story on it check out the feature piece on the Mirvish production of My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding on W5. Then, when you’ve watched that, check out the second part, where they talk about opening night. 


Palace of the End- Alumnae Theatre

by Lucy Allen

(from left to right) Laura Vincent, Christopher Kelk and Sochi Fried in Palace of the End 2009

If you go to see Alumnae Theatre’s Palace of the End, don’t expect to leave feeling happy. The effectively staged show will leave you more than a little devastated. Thankfully, I knew what to expect from a Judith Thompson play.

Thompson’s play is a collection of three monologues, each focusing on different aspects of the war in Iraq. The three stories, told by a pregnant soldier (Laura Vincent), a weapons expert (Christopher Kelk) and an Iraqi mother (Sochi Fried) are all based on real people, making the stories that much more haunting and potent.

The show is incredibly well put together. All actors are involved in the monologues, whether by speaking them or supporting them from the background. One of my favourite uses of this was having two of the actors be trees, swaying in the background, giving a real sense of place.

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7 Stories – The Canadian Stage Company

By Trent Scherer

Damien Atkins, Rebecca Northan & Peter Anderson

Returning to a role he created, Peter Anderson once again steps up to the ledge of a great production of The Canadian Stage Company’s 7 Stories.

Back in 1989, Morris Panych,the playwright, chose Anderson to play the character of ‘The Man’ for the first production of 7 Stories. Along with his set-designing partner Ken MacDonald, Panych directed the original show into winning six Jessie and 4 Dora Mavor Moore Awards.

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