Toronto Theatre Reviews

Black Rider –Tarragon Theatre

by Megan Mooney


Just a forewarning… My laptop got stolen and it’s kind of knocked me off kilter (it’ so posting will be a bit more sporadic and may not be quite up to snuff.  Hopefully I will be able to get a new laptop shortly.  Now, on to the review…

The production of Black Rider at Tarragon Theatre is an incredible, and bizarre, show.  And, really, it’s hard to expect anything else from a collaboration between William S. Burrows and Tom Waits.  In fact, Scott, my show-partner for this one, described it as “a hilarious nightmare.  I think it’s a pretty apt description actually.  If I had been in a different headspace, or a kid, I would have been terrified.

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Frost/Nixon – Canadian Stage Company

By Dana Lacey

Eavesdropping on theatre-goers at Canadian Stage Company’s presentation of Frost/Nixon made me feel incredibly young. People were asking each other where they were during what would turn out to be the most-watched interview ever, and I wasn’t even a fetus yet. Full disclosure: I was born in the 80s. I wasn’t around during most of television’s big-time events: Other than September 11th, I can’t think of a single time I’ve been really moved by something on television. Sometimes I’m jealous that I wasn’t anywhere when Kennedy was shot, and that I missed out on the paranoia-fuelled days of Watergate. Reality television didn’t centre around singing back then, but was just a tacky. Frost/Nixon captures that perfectly. Continue reading Frost/Nixon – Canadian Stage Company

Congratulations Mr. MacIvor!

by Megan Mooney

If you’re not in the theatre industry then there’s a reasonable chance that you haven’t heard of the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre.  Which, really, is kind of a shame, ‘cause it’s a pretty cool prize.  They awarded this year’s prize last night.

A quick description from their website:

The Siminovitch Prize in Theatre was introduced in 2001 and dedicated to renowned scientist Lou Siminovitch and his late wife Elinore, a playwright. Sponsored by BMO Financial Group, Canada’s largest annual theatre arts award recognizes direction, playwriting and design in three-year cycles

This year it was playwriting.  And the award went to Daniel MacIvor – honestly, I’m not sure I could think of a more perfect person for it to go to. 

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The Great Gatsby: The Classical Theatre Project

By Ryan Oakley

I didn’t expect much from Classical Theatre Project’s interpretation of “The Great Gatsby.” I only hoped for good-looking actors clothed in high style. My hopes were low and they were wrong. The costumes were merely adequate and I was irritated by the length of Gatsby’s jacket sleeves throughout. But the play was well-executed by both cast and crew. More importantly, it made the right choices.

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