Toronto Theatre Reviews

Review: Waiting for the Parade-Soulpepper

By Adelina Fabiano

Waiting for the Parade comes marching onto the Toronto Theatre scene

I‘ve anticipated Soulpepper‘s Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell for the longest time. Having performed parts of this play myself back in high school, I felt a close kinship to the piece and couldn’t wait to see what Soulpepper Theatre Company was going to do with it. Waiting for the Parade was definitely worth the wait!

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Mooney on Theatre is looking for an Editorial Intern

I’m losing my editor (to a good cause, she’s transferring things she learned at Mooney on Theatre to pursue her children’s book series with more gusto) and am now on the search for a new one.

The position will let you participate in all of the nitty gritty of an edited online publication, and is a great learning experience (and, of course, good resume fodder). 

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Review: The Flying Dutchman – Canadian Opera Company

By Darryl D’Souza

Canadian Opera Company presents a visually impressive production of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman

The Canadian Opera Company’s (COC’s) production of Richard Wagner’s famous opera The Flying Dutchman, now playing at The Four Seasons Centre For The Performing Arts, is very beautiful and certainly well worth seeing.

While most operas have simple and often contrived plots, The Flying Dutchman, much like Wagner’s other masterpiece, Tristan and Isolde, has a seemingly simple plot centred around a love story that is, in actuality, incredibly complicated and convoluted. Richard Wagner, who wrote the libretto himself, and was incidentally, I believe, the first operatic composer to do this, based The Flying Dutchman on a famous folkloric myth. Continue reading Review: The Flying Dutchman – Canadian Opera Company

Review: Maravilla – Second City

by Lucy Allen

Second City Toronto Comedy Show Entertaining for Entire Family and Then Some!

So you want to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of theatre but you realize that Hamlet is not exactly up their alley. On the other hand, kid-friendly entertainment has a way of being excruciating for parents to sit through. Well, worry not, for Second City has provided Maravilla, a family show that everyone will enjoy. And believe me, it’s not a show to be missed. Continue reading Review: Maravilla – Second City

Review: Mamma Mia! – Mirvish

By Ryan Kerr

Mirvish has brought Mamma Mia! the musical back to eager Toronto theatre audiences

You’ve seen the movie. You’ve heard the music. Mamma Mia! has been a sensation since it opened in London’s West-End. But Toronto’s relationship to this blockbuster musical has always been, well, personal.

The first North American city to mount this ABBA-inspired spectacle, Toronto was the incubator for the original Broadway production and at least one touring cast, hosting the successful phenomenon for just over 5 years.

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Review: Oh What A Lovely War – Soulpepper

By Adam Collier

Oh What A Lovely War is Toronto’s Soulpepper theatre at its best

In an early scene of Oh What A Lovely War at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, a projection above the stage reads: The Shot That Was Heard Around The World.

“Did you hear a shot?” asks one figure of another.

“No” says the other, “I heard nothing.”

A nearby bartender then happens to mention the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, and the other figures drag him away.

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Review: A Boy Called Newfoundland- Theatre Smash

by Lucy Allen

Newfoundland a whimsical and enjoyable addition to Toronto theatre

Remember being fifteen? For everyone, it’s a tough age, especially when you’re just learning how to deal with your own family dysfunction. Theatre Smash’s A Boy Called Newfoundland, which opened this week at the Tarragon Theatre, is a quirky if somewhat awkward look at the life of one such dysfunctional family. Continue reading Review: A Boy Called Newfoundland- Theatre Smash

Review: Breakfast – Independent Aunties

By Crystal Wood

Remount of 2008 show doesn’t quite live up to Toronto theatre hype

Breakfast, playing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre until April 4th, confirms something that I suspected all along.

Self-help tapes are evil.

This is not actually a show about breakfast. It’s not really a show about food at all, although I pretty much guarantee you’ll never look at yogurt the same way again. It is a show about releasing our inhibitions, but it only partially succeeds.

This remount of a show by Independent Aunties follows a woman who turns to a self-help audiotape to improve her dull life (and if having chocolate pudding for breakfast is really a sign of a dull life, I am in trouble.) Continue reading Review: Breakfast – Independent Aunties

Review: On the Side of the Road – Theatre Junction, Presented by Harbourfront Centre's WorldStage and Theatre Centre's FREE FALL '10 festival

By Megan Mooney

Calgary’s Theatre Junction brings On the Side of the Road east as a part of Toronto theatre’s worldstage


On the Side of the Road by Theatre Junction is playing as part of Harbourfront’s worldstage, and the Free Fall festival with the Theatre Centre.

If I had to only choose one word to describe the work, I’d have to say that it’s striking.

First thing I noticed was the brightest stage and set design I’ve ever seen.  The set was filled with lots of white, some glittery silver accents, and ice.  The white was highlighted by bright white lighting.

Walking into the theatre the audience is met by a woman in a sparkling silver dress, sitting on the edge of the stage talking to audience members as they streamed by.  There was also a man on stage working on an ice sculpture.

So, what about the show itself?  Well, it felt to me like it fell somewhere between what people generally seem to think of as a play and what they generally think of as performance art.  There was a narrative, but there was also a lot of stuff that moved outside of the realm of what people expect from a play, like interpretive dance.

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Review: Second City for Mayor – Second City

By Megan Mooney

Toronto’s Second City 65th comedy revue – Second City for Mayor – delivers a great night’s entertainment


I generally like Second City revues. They don’t stay with me or anything, but they make me laugh and I enjoy the night, and the opportunity to have table service while going to a show always makes for a good time too. But this revue – Second City for Mayor, this one was different. I loved this one. It’s my favourite Second City revue of the ones I’ve seen.

I was tying to figure out what would make it stand out so much from the previous ones, and I think it’s a big collection of little things. When I was talking to people after the show, I struck up a conversation with a woman who also really enjoyed this revue and through some round about discussions we decided that this was a far more “theatrical” production than other Second City shows we’ve seen. I don’t mean theatrical as in bigger or louder or anything like that. Just more, well, more kind of pulled together, more complete.

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