Toronto Theatre on a Budget

WriteNOW Festival- Pivotal(arts)

by Lucy Allen

There’s something about new works that I’ve always loved. New independent artists take risks that big budget productions don’t and the results, while not always polished, are exciting to be a part of. Pivotal(arts) WriteNOW! Festival, playing now at the Bread and Circus, gives voice to these new works by presenting four new shows over the course of a week. I saw the first two plays last night, and while one was on unsure ground, both displayed some great up-and-coming talent. Continue reading WriteNOW Festival- Pivotal(arts)

Five for Twenty (or Less)

by Leanne Milech

It’s March break, which means the kiddies have lots of free time, and you need some inexpensive entertainment options. Have no fear – we’re here! In addition to our post on March break theatre goodies for you and yours, we’ve included a kid-friendly listing in this, our weekly post on five shows that cost twenty bucks or less. We’ve also got some sweet deals for you, our adult readers. Sometimes, after all, you just want to leave the kids at home. In case you’ve got a babysitter lined up already, why not see one of the shows we’ve hand selected as cheap AND entertaining? Read on for March break theatre suggestions, Mooney style.

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Theory – Staged Reading – The New Ideas Festival – Alumnae Theatre

By Sam Mooney

Long title, isn’t it?

I saw Theory by Norman Yeung, a wonderful staged reading, on Saturday as part of The New Ideas Festival at Alumnae Theatre. I didn’t go planning to review it but it was so terrific that I decided to write about it – and about staged readings.

Theory is a beautifully written play about a film course, a professor, her students, technology, new media, and privacy. There wasn’t really a set. There were chairs for the actors and for the person who read the stage directions. Each of the actors had a script and read from it. They read as if they were performing, not as if they were reading. It really is like a radio play.

You may be asking yourself “what is a staged reading?”

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Five for Twenty (or Less)

by Leanne Milech

Our mission at Mooney on Theatre is to make theatre more accessible, which is just one of the reasons we are over-the-moon excited about this weekly post: we get giddy helping people find their way to local Toronto theatre, especially when it’s high quality entertainment on a budget! This week, we’ve uncovered a secret code that gives you a cost-efficient edge on theatre-going, two pay-what-you-can laugh-ins, an edgy, experimental theatre festival and a poetry play, all for twenty dollars or less.

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The Foundry Theatre Reading Series (at The Rearview Mirror)

By Adam Collier

On a recent snowy Monday evening, about thirty people gathered at the Rearview Mirror in Kensington Market. They were there to hear a new play in development. The event goes by the name The Foundry Theatre Reading Series.

The readings are on the last Monday of each month between September and May. If the few times that I’ve been are anything to go by, the event is more than the introduction of new writing to the public.

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