Wild Dogs – Nightwood Theatre

By Dana Lacey

It wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen before. Wild Dogs is a set of monologues woven together, often competing with each other. The premise, straight from the playbill: “each evening at dusk, six people gather at the edge of the woods calling their dogs back–dogs that have turned wild.” Relationships bloom as the group battles loneliness and loss,
trying to understand why their dogs left them and just what it means to be wild.

The play is an adaption of Helen Humphreys’ novel, and fans can appreciate that all of the play’s dialogue is lifted directly from the book. The result? Not quite play, not quite book reading, Wild Dogs is simply staged poetry (“To be wild is to live by instincts, not imagination.”) It’ll make you uncomfortable in an eerie, I’m-learning-something-about-myself way.

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The dangers of a liberal arts degree

by Megan Mooney

Okay, so, this isn’t really about theatre, although, for me this comes about as a result of my university theatre education.

So, last week we had an ultra sound.  As I was watching the screen I noticed a heading that said ‘gender’.  What went through my head was:

“You can’t tell gender, you can only tell sex, gender is a societal construct”


By the way, you can all thank Ric Knowles for me having that thought.  *grin*