"The Weeping Salsa" Contest and Free Tickets!


Do you have plans for Thursday? Enter this week’s contest for the chance to win two free tickets!

Dance, love and power are essential themes in Zocalo Toronto’s presentation of “The Weeping Salsa” by Vladimir Jon Cubrt. Be the lucky 13th person to contact us at contests@mooneyontheatre.com quoting the subject line “The Weeping Salsa”. You have until noon Wednesday so do not delay.

If perhaps you are out of town or have never been very lucky, you can also catch the play Tuesday through Sunday at The Theatre Centre at 7:30, Sunday Matinee at 2:00 pm November 22nd and November 29th. Tickets are just $20 and Sunday Matinee is PWYC (Pay What You Can). For ticket information visit Zocalo Toronto, or to learn more about this fantastic play read details from the press release below.

Good Luck!

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7 Stories – The Canadian Stage Company

By Trent Scherer

Damien Atkins, Rebecca Northan & Peter Anderson

Returning to a role he created, Peter Anderson once again steps up to the ledge of a great production of The Canadian Stage Company’s 7 Stories.

Back in 1989, Morris Panych,the playwright, chose Anderson to play the character of ‘The Man’ for the first production of 7 Stories. Along with his set-designing partner Ken MacDonald, Panych directed the original show into winning six Jessie and 4 Dora Mavor Moore Awards.

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Rocking the Cradle – Tarragon Theatre

By: Darryl D’Souza

rocking the cradle pic 1

The RCA Theatre Company’s presentation of Rocking the Cradle at Tarragon Theatre is, overall, a good piece of theatre. It wasn’t brilliant, but if you check it out, you may very well learn something profound about human existence from it.

Rocking the Cradle is freely adapted from Spanish poet/dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca’s surrealist masterpiece Yerma by Canadian poet/writer Des Walsh. The story succeeds in part because of it’s universal nature.

Walsh, a Newfounlander, has transposed it from a remote region of Spain to a remote Newfoundland fishing village. In fact, Rocking the Cradle had its first run in St. Johns earlier this year. Continue reading Rocking the Cradle – Tarragon Theatre

Boys Under the Big Top – Boylesque TO

By Leif Conti-Groome

BoylesqueTO are out to carve their own niche in the burlesque scene. ‘Boylesque’ is a lazy combination of words that vaguely defines a sub-genre of burlesque. The vagueness comes partly from its newness and rarity. But, last Sunday night at Revival, during Boys Under the Big Top, BoylesqueTO were met by raucous praise from the audience.

As soon as the theatre came into view I knew it wasn’t going to be a usual night. I saw two men dressed as old-time carnies hoisting up a cotton candy machine, while another fellow was wearing a giraffe head with a marvelously long neck.

Inside, the bar was dressed with silk ribbons and balloons. The aforementioned carnies walked around selling pasties and candy apples, heightening the theme du jour. A fire performer named PyRomeo lit up the night sky (and almost a tree) during the intermission.

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SketchFest 5th Anniversary Show & Party – Toronto Sketchfest

By John Bourke

sketchcomedy09Canada has a long history of producing great sketch comedy. There’s acts like Kids in the Hall, the Frantics, Wayne and Schuster, Codco, Federal political parties.

The difficulty is that there really aren’t that many places outside the comedy club circuit to really practice and develop the sketch comedy craft. This is where Toronto Sketchfest comes in. Bring artists from across Canada and the rest of the world, and give them a place to really stretch their legs.

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I recommend you check out Yellowman, the Nightwood / Obsidian co-production

By Megan Mooney

Days have been crazy, and I’m not sure where time is going. In fear of time slipping away completely, I’m going to do a ‘quickie’ review of the Nightwood Theatre and Obsidian Theatre Company production of Yellowman, playing in the upstairs studio theatre at Berkeley Theatre these days. The really quickie version would be ‘I loved it. The end.’ but I’ll give you a bit more than that.

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Winner of "No Exit" Contest and Free Tickets


This weeks lucky winner is Victoria Ilgacs!

Congratulations to Victoria Ilgacs and her guest, they will be attending tomorrow’s production of “No Exit” at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Thank you to the people at Nightwood Theatre and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

If you would like to attend you can purchase tickets for: $20 -$45, or PWYC (pay what you can) on Sundays. Or, if you are just feeling sad because you wish it were you who had a pair of free tickets. Fret not dear friend you will have another chance to enter in our weekly contest series which will be posted every Monday. So check again.

To learn more about the play, below are excerpts from the press release.

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The Belle of Winnipeg: The Keystone Ensemble

by Ryan Oakley

belle of winnipeg

The Belle of Winnipeg, playing at the Winchester Street Theatre, fulfilled a long-time wish of mine: Actors were silent. Throughout the entire play, not a single actor said a single word.

This wasn’t done in the spirit of some German art-house, where they moped about the stage, sadly reflecting on the meaninglessness of life, but in the style of a silent movie. Set to live piano music and using film projection, the play tells the story of a bride in 1882 who, without prospects, runs away to Winnipeg and finds herself in a bordello. Those who have read enough history to know the likely fate of such a woman will be surprised to learn that hilarity, rather than horror, ensues.

Or is supposed to.

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Theatre Toronto Contest – Win Free Tickets to No Exit

contest-web-graphic-genericWould you like to win two absolutely free tickets to see Nightwood Theatre‘s presentation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s existential masterpiece No Exit? If you would, then all that you have to do to win them is to send an e-mail to us at: contests@mooneyontheatre.com with the subject line: “No Exit Contest”.

Then the lucky 13th person who sends us an e-mail will win themselves two tickets to the Thursday Nov. 12 performance of No Exit at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Continue reading Theatre Toronto Contest – Win Free Tickets to No Exit