John/Yoko Bed Piece – draft89 collective

By Crystal Wood


This past Saturday, I got into bed with a bunch of strangers.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I just happened to be in the audience of draft89 theatre collective’s new work, John/Yoko Bed Piece. The play recreates the 1969 bed-in for peace staged by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and with the intimate setting and throw pillow seats, the audience really was in on the experience.

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be sure to check out the InspiraTO festival starting June 4

From the press release:

Join us June 4th when Toronto’s only ten-minute play festival, InspiraTO, kicks off its 4th season with 10 exciting new plays by a diverse array of playwrights. Playing until June 13th at the Lorraine Kimsa Studio Theatre, InspiraTO gives Torontonians the chance to experience the growing genre of ten-minute plays.

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Waiting in the Wings – East Side Players

By Ryan Oakley

(ed. note:  This is a repost of the original article because WordPress apparently ate the original.)

Before I attended the East Side Players’ adaptation of Waiting in the Wings my editor told me that community theatre doesn’t get enough reviews.  After ten minutes of watching the play, I could understood why:  It’s very hard.

The cast, who were mainly older ladies, looked like they were having fun.  There was no pretention, no high-flown stupidity disguised as vile philosophy and no monologues from some rich beatnik in a turtleneck.  It just seemed like decent people having a genuinely good time.

This completely dulled my spite.  And I need my spite.  Without it, I’m simply one of you.

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Why the heck do the reviewers always talk about other audience members?!?!

We got an anonymous comment on the Balls post from someone who we obviously touched a nerve with. 

They brought up something that has kind of come up before, so I feel like maybe I should use a full post to address it, not just a reply in the comments.

What sparked this particular post was the anonymous commenter’s statement:

I really only feel the need to hear the WRITER’s opinion, and not those of the people sitting around them during the performance.

I say, if you’re not part of the theatre industry, you can still give valuable reviews on theatrical pieces. But please, keep it honest, relevant, and your own, otherwise these reviews are biased and useless for potential audiences.

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Mooney on Theatre is now on Twitter

So, in the spirit of ‘getting with the times’ I’ve set Mooney on Theatre up on Twitter.

If you want to follow us and get random (generally) theatre-related tweets you can check it out at

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