Dear God. Apparently the Toronto Fringe is taking over my life

So, I’m doing Fringe planning right now.  For two sites actually, the Mooney on Theatre coverage, as well as the blogTO coverage.

I just counted up the shows I’m planning to go to at this point and I’m at 48 shows, and I fully intend on going to more once I see where the gaps in coverage are.  So, we’ll have to see if my brain turns to ooze, or if it all excites me so much I can’t sleep.

Only time will tell.  *grin*

An Inconvenient Musical – The Inconvenient Theatre Co.



An Inconvenient Musical made me feel great. It was like a great episode of The Simpsons. There were a lot of good vibes coming from the stage.

The plot is a spoof on the 2007 documentary of a similar title that follows Al Gore as he gives a presentation on global warming. In this version, the former VP has decided that PowerPoint just isn’t powerful enough. He is instead harnessing the most powerful medium he knows: musical theatre. Imagine all those slides now as sketches in musical theatre. All loosely strung together as examples of the consequences of global warming. An Inconvenient Musical isn’t serious in the slightest, but for me was at least as effective – if not more effective – than the source material it spoofs.

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Veronica Decides To Die – Darkroom Theatre Projects


I found myself deeply divided watching Veronica Decides To Die. I was turned-on by the production’s use of video, music, movement and songs, but I was turned-off by its long tracts of exposition.

A friend of mine hit it on the head at intermission when she said that the things that she liked most about this show were also the things she enjoyed the least. What we both really enjoyed was – foremost – how the show was an exaggeration of life through the use of live video of the action onstage.

The staging was engaging, and the performances, including a few bars of an opera, and whole lot of movement – everything from fighting to dancing – kept things going.

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Toronto Fringe – is it only as good as the available information?

by Megan Mooney

fringe logo

Okay, so, I’ve already mentioned that I’m excited about the Fringe.  But, as I sit down to do my Fringe planning I find myself tempted to pull all the hair out of my head strand by strand.  The problem?  The Fringe website.

In a little over a week, a huge theatre festival will take place in 30 venues across Toronto.  An interesting side note, something I just noticed while counting out venues, there is no venue 13.  Theatre people a superstitious bunch?  No no, not us!  Right, sorry, back on track.  30 venues across the city, showing 150 shows.  Without a doubt the biggest theatre festival in Toronto, and this year is the 20th anniversary.

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What counts as theatre to you?

by Megan Mooney


When you think of theatre, what do you think of? I’m betting for the most part people think of a proscenium arch, actors on a stage behind that arch acting out a story for the audience.

One of the best lessons I have ever learned about theatre I learned in my first year of university. I was in an ‘Introduction to Theatre’ being taught by Ric Knowles. Ric taught us that theatre was everywhere. We went to a baseball game, to a religious ceremony, we went to dance performances and the opera, and we even when to a few shows that could be considered almost ‘traditional’ theatre.

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Exciting Times Ahead

by Megan Mooney

Well, theatre in Toronto is heating up for the summer (ha ha, get it? summer? heat? man, I’m just sooo funny).

There’s the Dora’s next Monday, a great celebration of theatre in our fine city. The trick is, will we all be awake enough to go since it’s right after the Pride parade.

Then there’s the Fringe festival July 2 – 13, which I have heard being affectionately called “summer camp for grown ups”.

Then in August there’s the Summerworks festival August 7-17.

Plus, of course, there’s all sorts of other non-festival things going on.

Gotta say, I love this city!

'Night, Mother – Soulpepper Theatre

Review by Adam Collier

Before I began reviewing theatre, I had a few stints as a teacher. To coax the kids into the best performance possible, I remember repeating this chestnut: You already have a perfect grade, all you have to do is keep it.

These words came to mind as I sat down to watch Soulpepper’s production of ‘Night, Mother. Its set and soundscape set a standard of near perfection from the get-go. I can’t remember what my expectations were before walking in the theatre, but after getting there they immediately shot-up.

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