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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities at Mooney on Theatre

Mooney on Theatre is a volunteer supported publication made possible by the hard work donated by all the contributors to the site.  The ultimate goal is for Mooney on Theatre to become a publication that can pay it’s writers and editors, but for now we are still contributing our blood sweat and tears because it’s something we believe in.

Unfortunately, blood sweat and tears don’t pay the administrative costs for the site.  So, we’ve set up advertising as a way for people to help contribute to the site, and help us pay some bills (hosting, marketing, business cards, phone bills, that kind of thing).

What kind of traffic does Mooney on Theatre get?

Traffic is actually reasonably variable on Mooney on Theatre because it depends on what is happening in the theatre world in Toronto. We usually get around 20,000 views per month, however, during special events, like Fringe for instance, it can be exponentially higher.

Mooney on Theatre sells advertising based on impressions (number of times the ad is seen). Sponsors decide up front how many impressions  they would like to purchase.  The spots are sold in increments of 1,000 impressions.


Why advertise on Mooney on Theatre?

Not only are you supporting a good cause, but you are also targeting a really specific audience.   The people who read Mooney on Theatre are interested in the arts.  This means you can target people who are more likely to be interested in your product, and show them that you support something that they enjoy.


Available Ad Placements and Pricing

Choose from four highly visible ad placements.

Premium Banner
728 × 90 pixels
Large banner at the very top of the site
Cost: $100/ 3,000 impressions  (additional impressions available at $25/1,000 impressions)


Premium Rectangle
300 x 250 pixels
Top left above the fold
Cost: $100/ 3,000 impressions  (additional impressions available at $25/1,000 impressions)


200 x 200 pixels
Middle of the page on the right
Cost: $20/ 1,000 impressions


Small Banner
468 x 60 pixels
under first post excerpt on home page and under post, before the comments on individual post pages
Cost: $15/ 1,000 impressions


Other advertising options available

Sponsored Post
Includes a Premium Banner or Rectangle advertisement
A sponsored post will be published on Mooney on Theatre focusing on your product, service or event.  There are several benefits to having a sponsored post in addition to a traditional advertisement:

  • The post will remain on the main page for the for the same amount of time as any other article on Mooney on Theatre
  • It will be distributed to the subscribers to the Mooney on Theatre email RSS feed
  • A link to it will be posted on the Mooney on Theatre Facebook Page and published in the @mooneyontheatre twitter feed
  • The post will also stay published and can be googled indefinitely, which is especially useful for services or products, however is also useful with event advertisements as well, since it will still direct traffic to your website.

Cost: $300 for the first 2000 impressions and sponsored post, only 4 of these will be sold per month.  Additional impressions are at a cost of $20 / 1,000 impressions. (The cost of this option is different during the Toronto Fringe Festival, which is in July)


Custom Options
If you would like to do something that isn’t offered here, for example, an exclusive for a month, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss individual options.

Who should advertise on Mooney on Theatre?

If you offer services that appeal to people who are interested in the arts, then this is the perfect market for you.  Advertising is open to pretty much anyone, but some ideal products/services to advertise would be:

  • Independent coffee shops
  • Make up artists / Hair salons
  • Photography (general photography, but also headshots specifically)
  • Printers
  • Grant writers
  • Freelance arts administrators
  • Magazines / literature
  • Other theatre related ads – theatre companies, specific shows, festivals, etc.
  • Arts festivals
  • Galleries

There are many more, but those are the ‘off the top of my head’ types of services.  We are selective with the advertising we present.  We need the revenue to pay for administration, but we want this to be beneficial for the advertiser, so if we don’t think this is the right fit/audience for you, then we’ll let you know.


Ad Specs and Booking Details


Ads can be .jpg or .gif format – if you don’t already have a web-ready ad read the Extra Services section at the end.

The design space is:

  • Premium rectangle – 300 x 250 pixels
  • Premium Banner – 728 × 90 pixels
  • Square – 200 x 200 pixels
  • Banner – 468 x 60 pixels

Ads should link to your website – if you don’t have a website read the Extra Services section at the end.

To talk to someone about advertising with Mooney on Theatre, send an email to ads@mooneyontheatre.com

Extra Services

  • Ad Design – We can design a simple ad for you.  Cost – $25
  • Landing page – We can make a page for your ad to link to if you don’t have a website.  It will be live for the length of your ad campaign.   Cost – $25.00
  • Website -Through an arrangement with for the love of work we can offer a one page website at a very special price.
  • Site design and optimization – $150.00
  • Domain name registration – $10 -20 (depending on registrar) per year
  • Website hosting – $80.00 per year in advance

All prices subject to change without notice

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