Review: The Pigeon (Alumnae Theatre)

Toronto playwright Chloë Whitehorn’s new play debuts at Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival

The Pigeon, presented in the Fireworks Festival at Alumnae Theatre, is a new, exciting and daring play for mature audiences. With beautiful relationships between contrasting characters, and a plot for revenge – this play will take you on a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Written by Chloë Whitehorn, The Pigeon follows a distressed millennial – Jegger (John Shubat), who befriends an older woman, Malone (Liz Best). Joined by a mutual hatred for Jegger’s mother, they are drawn together in a plot of revenge against her. Malone also acts as a mentor figure to Jegger, as he is about to become a young father, with his partner Amy (Marina Gomes).

The beginning of the play brings forward witty conversations between a millennial man and an older woman. The contrast in characters creates amusing dialogue, which speaks to today’s political climate. The two argue about gender roles and cultural/racial insensitivities from their differing points of view. Although I enjoyed these conversations, they were fleeting, and I wish they had been explored further.

The strong cast easily connected to their roles and each other. The dialogue and relationships seemed natural, even between characters of such diverse opinion and age.

Fitting to Alumnae Theatre’s mandate of promoting women in theatre, the female characters speak to the strength that women bring to relationships of all kinds. Although the main character and only actor on stage through its entirety is male, the plots revolves around the actions of women around him – both good and bad. My guest was especially impressed by Liz Best, as she played an amazing cold-hearted, opinionated, conniving figure.

Although the dialogue was natural through most of the play, I thought an abrupt jump later in the show felt a little too far-fetched for its characters. However the twist ending did have me on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding.

It was easy to see that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish, with many laughs and intense looks to fellow theatre goers to see their reactions to tense scenes. Ending with a standing ovation, I recommend seeing this play – although it’s not for the faint of heart.


  • The Pigeon is playing at Alumnae Theatre’s Studio Space (70 Berkeley Street, Toronto ON).
  • The show runs till November 11th, Wednesday to Saturday performances are at 8:00 pm with added Saturday and Sunday performances at 2:00 pm
  • Tickets are $15, available online.
    Photo of John Shubat and Liz Best, by Nicholas Porteous.