Toronto Theatre Reviews

Review: Stones (Aluna Theatre)

Stones is a multi-disciplinary look at a history of violence against women, on stage in Toronto

Stoning is an appalling practice. The cruelty and brutality of it is deliberate; the purpose is not only to kill, but to terrify, torture and humiliate. It is an ancient practice still seen in some parts of the world.

As a response to a long history of violence against women, of which stoning is a particularly horrific exemplification, Aluna Theatre presents Stones—a multi-disciplinary collaboration—to depict the misogyny that fuels that violence. Continue reading Review: Stones (Aluna Theatre)

Review: It’s A Goddamn Stupid Life (Imaginary Solutions Co.)

Speculative Trump-inspired comedy takes to the Toronto stage

The Political Science major in me was excited to see the play, It’s a Goddamn Stupid Life, now playing at the Solar Stage at Wychwood Theatre. It promised political satire in the near future (2025) when Trump has somehow managed to get a third term in office.

This play is not specifically about Trump, but about the political climate surrounding him, as seen through the story of Harvey Ubu (Damien Gulde) and the sex robot he has created, Mary Ann (Andrea Werhun), as well as the main character Dave Kafka (Neal Armstrong), a creative who just wants to be a jazz musician and is trying to put a perfect band together. These characters are perfect vehicles for taking a shot at the prevalence of misogyny and other capitalistic ills in society.

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Review: String of Pearls (Labour of Love)

String of Pearls Poster, Toronto, June 2018“Authentic” show about women’s stories arrives on the Toronto stage

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from seeing the Canadian Premiere of Michele Lowe’s String of Pearls at Artscape Youngplace. I knew that the show involved a pearl necklace and women’s stories, but not much else.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The production itself was minimalistic, with no tickets or programmes. Thankfully, the power of the story itself and strong acting by all four performers made this show a memorable experience.

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Kid +1 Review: Potted Potter (Starvox)

Harry Potter parody show arrives to make magic on the Toronto stage

First things first: my eight-year-old loved this show SO MUCH and giggled like a fiend the entire time. If your child under the age of about 14 is a big fan of Harry Potter, just accept with good cheer that you ought to be going to see Potted Potter at the CAA Theatre, and the show will be good-natured silly fun. The concept–all 7 books in 7 minutes–goes past a Cole’s Notes and squarely into a sort of theatrical shorthand, so if you’ve never read the books you’re mostly just watching two dudes do some skilled slapstick and improv. Then again, no one ever suffered for that.

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Review: Molly Bloom (Fourth Gorgon Theatre)

Fourth Gorgon Theatre explores the Ulysses character in four unique parts, playing in Toronto

The main draw for Molly Bloom — on stage at Majlis Art Garden until June 16 — is the precision and confidence that come from Fourth Gorgon Theatre having developed the show over the last five years. Seeing as we’re dealing with an adaptation of the last chapter of James Joyce’s notoriously dense Ulysses, cohesion is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Review: Cocktales with Maria (Tapestry Opera/Pride Toronto)

Cocktales with Maria is raunchy, provocative and explicit opera at its finest, played in Toronto

Cocktales with Maria, playing as part of TAP THIS: A Queerated Opera Series (Tapestry Opera in collaboration with Pride Toronto) was possibly too explicit for some, but one hundred percent on point for my companion and I. Continue reading Review: Cocktales with Maria (Tapestry Opera/Pride Toronto)

Review: Swan Lake/Loch na hEala (Luminato/Teac Damsa)

“Dark and raw” dance and storytelling piece takes to the Toronto stage

Although billed as a contemporary adaptation of one of the most famous ballets, Swan Lake/Loch na hEala, performed by the Irish company Teac Damsa as part of the 2018 Luminato Festival, is a far cry from that classic. There are no tutus, no Tchaikovsky score, no pointe shoes. Instead, we are given a powerful fusion of dance, Irish folk music, and storytelling which takes Swan Lake as its inspiration but reimagines it as a modern tale of depression, sexual violence, and, ultimately, redemption. It’s a powerful piece of theatre. Continue reading Review: Swan Lake/Loch na hEala (Luminato/Teac Damsa)

Review: Grease: The Musical (Irregular Entertainment)

Popular musical arrives on the Winter Garden Theatre stage in Toronto

Grease: the Musical is a classic, and it’s got that classic vibe about teenage friendship and romance in the 50s. Returning for another run after playing in Toronto in early 2018, the production currently playing at the Winter Garden Theatre is, as the opening song says, the time, the place, and the motion to watch an entertaining rendition of this popular musical.

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Review: The Phantom of the Opera (Mirvish)

The dazzling musical spectacle makes its return to the Toronto stage at the Princess of Wales

For many, their first foray down the rabbit hole of musical theatre began with The Phantom of the Opera. It’s an easy choice considering it’s one of the longest running musicals of all time, having first been staged in London’s West End in 1986. Since then, the show has bewitched and dazzled many, spanning generations across the globe. Now, making its triumphant Toronto return to the Princess of Wales Theatre is Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic.

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RIOT is a dazzling display of song, dance, circus arts and spoken word, at the Toronto Luminato Festival

Just in time to kick off a month of Toronto Pride celebrations and to launch the city into summer arts festivals season, The 2018 Toronto Luminato Festival welcomes THISISPOPBABY — a dazzling troupe of circus artists, dancers, singers, spoken word performers, and a delightful drag MC hailing from Ireland. Their production of RIOT is exactly that: 100 minutes of a variety show that assaults the senses in a display of dance, song, aerial artistry, politically charged spoken word, and unabashed sexuality. What’s not to love?

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