Why Theatre Needs Your Support

What is happening in theatre right now, and how you can help

It is really hard to know how to begin this article. I want to strike the right tone, you see. As an arts worker* I want to talk about how the performing arts sector is taking a huge hit, but I’m concerned. I know that everyone else is going through a rough time right now, and some may argue that the arts are not an essential service.

However, would it even be possible to get through this lockdown without the arts? Without books, films, shows, music, and live streams — which some creators are making available for free? Of course, if you are reading Mooney on Theatre, then I imagine you are among the converted, so I will cut my preaching short.

So let’s talk about what’s actually happening in the theatre world right now.

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Virtual Shows and Concerts for the Week of March 23, 2020

Virtual Shows that Caught Our Eye in Toronto for the Week of March 23, 2020

So we’re going digital this week! We are all being responsible and doing lots of social distancing, but I have found the digital world to be just crammed full of amazing content in the past week. Concerts, authors doing book talks and readings of their own material, play readings… the content is endless! And with new digital options cropping up each day we’re having a hard time keeping up! But we’re doing our best. It just means that you’ll need to keep checking back here on the regular to see if there’s anything new coming up. See you online!

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Toronto Playlistings for the Week of March 16, 2020

(Megan Mooney jumped in with Leanne in writing this one)

Shows that Caught Our Eye in Toronto for the Week of March 16, 2020

**UPDATE: In addition to theatres and theatre companies making the responsible decision to cancel, the province has now called a state of emergency and called for all theatres, restaurants and bars to be closed. Therefore, only performances streaming online will be listed.

** UPDATE #2: We are updating this post through the week with some live online performances (Not just from Toronto). Keep checking back for more updates!

This has been a really hard playlisting to write. I’m sure that comes as little surprise to any of you who follow us. We at Mooney on Theatre love theatre – everything that we do at Mooney comes from that love. And, like you, we have many family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances who are being deeply affected by the loss of their live shows.

We will continue to do our weekly playlisting post to get information out there on any programming that is still running. That said, while we always encourage you to support the arts – in fact, we feel supporting the arts is vital – we also strongly believe that social-isolation is essential right now. So, if you do attend an event, be sure to follow all the guidelines of no touching, keeping a big distance from people, lots of thorough handwashing, coughing into your elbow, and if you’ve found a way to do it (I haven’t) not touching your face.

We will not be sending any of our writers out to review shows for the next couple weeks, but that doesn’t mean there will not be content on Mooney on Theatre. Folks are working on some exciting feature pieces in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Now to the actual listings:

We have been doing our best to make sure that this list is as up-to-date as possible, and only shows still running are listed. But please be aware that because the landscape is ever-changing, we can only do so much to keep up. If you decide to go to a show, we recommend confirming in some way that it is still running before heading out.

To track the cancellations we’ve been following along social media, and of course, using the emails we’ve been getting to update us. But another fantastic resource you can access is Intermission Magazine. They have a list going at Covid-19 Theatre News Updates – it is a bit out of date at the time of this article’s publication, but I expect it will be updated shortly with the most up-to-date information on closures, postponements, and other related news.

We’re going to skip the ‘reds‘ this week.

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Review: New Ideas Festival (Alumnae Theatre)

New Ideas Festival PosterA variety of new works on offer through the New Ideas Festival

The 32nd annual New Ideas Festival is on stage now at the Alumnae Theatre Company. New Ideas is a three-week juried festival of new, short plays, works-in-progress, and experimental theatre. This year there are 14 plays being presented over the course of three different weekly programs. I attended the opening night of Week One which featured four pieces ranging from melancholy to mystical. Continue reading Review: New Ideas Festival (Alumnae Theatre)

Review: Summer: The Donna Summer Musical (Mirvish)

Picture of Dan'Yelle Williamson and ensemble in Summer: The Donna Summer Musical Donna Summer biopic musical will please long-time fans

***NOTE: The rest of run has been cancelled due to respect social-distancing requests around COVID -19

Donna Summer was a singer, actor, and icon. Called the Queen of the Disco, Summer was loved by millions. However, Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, playing at the Princess of Wales Theatre, highlights the fact that Summer did not want that label. She was so much more than the Queen of Disco, and made considerable efforts to break away from disco in her music and as a pop culture icon. Continue reading Review: Summer: The Donna Summer Musical (Mirvish)