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Megan loves being in the thick of all things theatre, but her ultimate goal is to promote theatre to the world of non-theatre people. It was the same when she was the theatre writer for blogTO, or the Fringe Correspondent for CBC Radio One‘s Here and Now, as it is as the founder of Mooney on Theatre. Her basic belief is that there is theatre/performance out there for everyone to love, they just need to find it. This is not to be confused with the idea that everyone should love theatre for theatre’s sake, in fact, as obsessed as she is with theatre, even *she* doesn’t love all types of theatre.

Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe Ticket Giveaways for Shows on Friday, July 7th

Fringe For Free GraphicToday’s the day! Fringe has begun! And I’m posting this late because I’m in a Fringe Frenzy over here!

I know it’s hard to believe, but we actually already have reviews in our review index! So, I hope you will forgive the tardiness.

Especially since, in return for your forgivness, you get the opportunity to enter to win a pair tickets to see free theatre on Friday July 7. Actually, 5 opportunities. All you have to do is click ‘read more” to check out the rules and read a bit more about the shows that are in the contest.

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Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe Ticket Giveaways for Shows on Thursday, July 6th

Fringe For Free GraphicFolks! Fringe starts tomoorrow! Can you believe it! Have you entered the contest for tickets to opening day shows yet? If you haven’t go do it, it’s okay, I’ll wait here while you do.

Okay, now that’s done, guess what! Here’s a chance for 5 more shows on Thursday! We’re going to keep doing this for shows playing right up until the last Friday! I know! It’s so exciting! That’s why there are so many exclamation marks!

Click “Read More” for the contest rules and some infomation about the 5 shows you can win tickets to for Thursday, July 8.
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Alone in this Together – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press releasephoto of sketch troupe Not Oasis


TORONTO – Hot, up-n-coming Toronto Sketch comedy troupe Not Oasis is bringing their unique blend of absurd, heartfelt, provocative, and delightfully dark comedy to the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival with a brand new show “Alone in this Together”.

The highly diverse troupe – they are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Gay, Straight, Bi, Brit, so basically they couldn’t be more Torontonian – are developing the show as a follow up to their acclaimed Second City Conservatory grad show “We Can’t Even Even”. Once again the troupe will be directed by Second City Alumnus Nigel Downer. “Aw shit I’m directing them AGAIN?” said Downer when asked why he agreed to sign on with Not Oasis for a second show “I thought I deleted their phone numbers”.

The show touches on many current hot button issues as well as topics you’ve likely never even thought about. “That’s the beauty of writing comedy from so many unique individual perspectives” says troupe member Anne McMaster “you get scenes about stuff we all care about like racism and homophobia but you also get weird stuff like scenes about bra padding, lost yogurt and Tetris that make you think ‘oh yeaaaaaah that IS weird!’ ”.

Not Oasis formed at the Second City Training Centre in 2015 and has been building buzz ever since they made the finals of the Big City Improv Festival’s Total Knock Out Tournament. The troupe has since appeared at the 2016 Big City Improv Festival and the 2017 Toronto SketchFest. Their monthly show “Hat Trick Comedy” at the Social Capital theatre runs the third Saturday of the month.

Not Oasis develops sketches through free-form and narrative improvisation, as well as premise-based improv. Sketches are tested and re-tested in front of live audiences, until they are baked to perfection.

Not Oasis Productions

in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival Presents:

Alone in this Together

Written by and starring King Chiu, Katherine Fogler, Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd, Anne McMaster, Chris O’Neill, Nico Rice, Shohana Sharmin

Directed by Nigel Downer

Stage managed by Chris Middleton

Musical direction by Jordan Armstrong

Facebook: notoasis

Twitter: @not_oasis


Instagram: @not_oasis

Opens July 6 runs to July 16 

Tarragon Extraspace – 30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto, ON


Thursday, July 6 6:45pm

Friday, July 7 2:45pm

Saturday, July 8 5:30pm

Sunday, July 9 8:30pm

Tuesday, July 11 9:45pm

Friday, July 14 1:45pm

Sunday, July 16 12:15pm

Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.


Purchase online:

By Phone: 416-966-1062

In Person: During the festival at our main box office at the Fringe Club at Scadding Court – 707 Dundas Street West.

photo of Nico Rice, Shohana Sharmin, Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd, King Chiu, Anne McMaster, Chris O’Neill, Katherine Fogler by Katherine Fogler Photography

Bendy Sign Tavern – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press release:
photo of Kaitlin Morrow by Connor Low
Sex T-Rex presents BENDY SIGN TAVERN at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival
A musical rom-com. With puppets.
Veteran comedic theatre company Sex T-Rex returns to at The Toronto Fringe Festival for the fifth year in a row to premiere their first-ever puppet show, Bendy Sign Tavern, from July 5th to the 15th, 2017.
Bendy Sign Tavern is a puppet show unlike any you’ve seen before. Set in Toronto’s third oldest bar, The Paddock Tavern, this is not just a show for kids. It’s more of an animated Cheers where audiences will be able to order pints from a puppet, catch the latest puppet sports on TV and get caught up on puppet politics as they eavesdrop on the bar staff falling in love, breaking up bar fights, serving rude businessmen, and breaking out into song.
Actor and musician Elliott Loran (Morro and Jasp, Snack Music) has co-written the show’s original songs and will make his Sex T-Rex debut as the Human Piano Man, performing live music throughout. Bendy Sign Tavern will also feature appearances by different Fringe artists at every performance. The puppets have all been masterminded by core company member Kaitlin Morrow, recent recipient of My Entertainment World’s 2016 Honourary My Theatre Award for invigorating the art of puppetry.
The story follows bartender and aspiring musician Joan and her love-struck co-worker Bob as they try to prepare Bendy Sign for the opportunity of a lifetime – hosting the after-party of double-platinum pop star Tim Rek! Of course, it won’t be easy. Everything from diabolical health inspectors to drunken bachelorette wolves to giant man-eating spiders stand in their way, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a heartfelt musical montage.
Sex T-Rex is a multi award-winning comedy company (2016 Second City Award for Most Outstanding Comedy, 2015 Just For Laughs Best Comedy) since 2008, with six original plays and hundreds of improv shows under their cretaceous belts. A company in residence at Bad Dog Comedy Theatre, they also regularly perform at such venues as The Second City and Comedy Bar.
The Paddock Tavern 

178 Bathurst St.

Wednesday, July 5 – 7.30pm 
Thursday, July 6 – 7.30pm
Friday, July 7 – 7:30pm

Saturday, July 8 – 7.30pm

Sunday, July 9 – 8.30pm*

*(special “late-night” show!)

Monday, July 10 – 7.30pm
Tuesday, July 11 – 7.30pm
Wednesday, July 12 – 7.30pm
Thursday, July 13 – 7.30pm
Friday, July 14 – 7.30pm
Saturday, July 15 – 7.30pm

$10 + $2 fee
On sale now online or by phone
By phone: 416-966-1062
In person during the festival: Box Office at The Fringe Club
at Scadding Court Community Centre (707 Dundas St. West)
For more information:
Created and performed by Sex T-Rex
Josef Addleman
Conor Bradbury
Julian Frid
Elliott Loran
Kaitlin Morrow
Seann Murray
Danny Pagett
Praise for Sex T-Rex
2016 Canadian Comedy Award finalists for Best Ensemble
Winners of the 2016 Second City Award for Most Outstanding Comedy for Wasteland
Winners of the 2015 Just for Laughs Best Comedy Award for SwordPlay
“A stellar cast, imaginative choreography and non-stop laughs” ★★★★★ -CBC
“Comic gold” – NNNN, Critics’ Pick – NOW Magazine
 photo of Kaitlin Morrow by Connor Low



The Balding – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press release

photo of Jeff Gandell by Kiran Ambwani

The Balding

A hilarious race against time, nature, and the terrifying business of becoming a man.

Jeff’s in his early twenties, going bald, and still a virgin. Staring into the abyss of male pattern baldness, he goes on a desperate quest to lose his virginity so he can arrest the terrifying process. Meanwhile, his obsession with finding romance causes him to get into multiple car accidents and to destroy his parents’ house with skunk smell.

The Balding is an uproarious comedy about coming face to face with your own mortality and asking: how does my hair look?

The Balding debuted at the 2013 Montreal Fringe, where it was nominated for Best Comedy award. It has since toured to sold-out houses at Fringe Festivals across Canada. This will be its Toronto debut.

“50 minutes of hilarious truth telling you simply don’t want to miss.” Calgary Sun (2014)

Gandell is an engaging and hysterical storyteller, whose tales always resonate with tenderness and emotional genuineness. This is a show that will leave you laughing and loving your own insecurities a little bit more.

Yarn Productions in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

The Balding
written and performed by Jeff Gandell
directed by Stephen Maclean Rogers
Opens July 5, 2017 and runs to July 16, 2017
The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator, 1115 Queen Street West

Wednesday, July 5, 6:30 PM
Friday, July 7, 8:15 PM
Saturday, July 8, 3:15 PM
Saturday, July 9, 9:45 PM
Tuesday, July 11, 6:45 PM
Thursday, July 13, 1:00 PM
Friday, July 14, 8:45 PM
Sunday, July 16, 12:30 PM

Tickets go on sale June 8, 2017 and can be purchased online:, by phone: 416-966-1062 or in person at the box office located at the Fringe Club: Scadding Court – 707 Dundas Street West.

Motherland – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press release

Photo of Krys Potapczyk and Erik Mrakovcic by Nicholas Porteous


Davit wants to leave his motherland. Then he’s offered a one-way ticket out …
It’s crazily Canadian – a play about an Armenian mother and son, directed by a Slovenian-

Canadian, starring actors with Croatian, Polish and Greek roots.
Motherland tells the story of a battle of wills between a twenty-something Armenian actor musician who wants to leave home and his mother who can’t let him go. It may be set in Armenia, but it’s a story that resonates in the many cultural communities that make up
Toronto, a city of people who have “come from away” and are adjusting – or not – to the loss of traditional family relations.

Writer-producer Kristine Greenaway says Motherland was inspired by an autobiographical story told her by an actor she met while attending a film festival in Armenia. “I knew instantly that it was a story for Toronto,” Greenaway says. “The reaction of the culturally diverse audience members who saw Motherland at Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival confirmed my instinct. During Q&A sessions following performances, people of Caribbean, South-East Asian and Eastern European origins all had stories to share on a similar theme.”

The play is directed by Andreja Kovač, an award-winning director from Slovenia with more than 15 years of professional experience in Europe. Her directing credits include large-scale productions, contemporary play development, and opera. Kovač directed the Motherland première at Alumnae Theatre’s Fireworks Festival in November 2016.

Motherland was enthusiastically received at Alumnae Theatre’s Big Ideas and Fireworks festivals. A recent benefit performance for the Armenian community played to a sold-out house. Come see what the buzz is all about!

Amber Heart Productions presents Motherland in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival.

Starring: Erik Mrakovcic, Krys Potapczyk, Konstantina Mantelos, and Jeffrey Fennes.
Stage Manager: Amalea Ruffett.
Set design: Marysia Bucholc.
Costumes: Ivana Matuzovic.
Graphics: Suzanne Courtney.
Trailer: Nicholas Porteous.
Original music: Douglas Gibbens.

Photo of Krys Potapczyk and Erik Mrakovcic by Nicholas Porteous


D&D Yoga – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press release:

photo of Christine Desrochers by Amyris Rada

Yoga Gamification Comes to the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival

D&D Yoga performance fuses yoga with imaginative roleplay gaming
 [Toronto, ON] – The Toronto Fringe Festival showcases numerous performances that are unique and interesting each year. Part of this year’s line-up includes an alternative theatre performance called D&D Yoga that fuses a yoga class with a roleplaying game. This is the first time this type of experimental, interactive theatre experience is being publicly performed in Canada. The show, being produced by Downward d20, is also the only 2017 Toronto Fringe performance taking place in a yoga class setting.

Yoga and gaming are two of my passions and D&D Yoga is a fun way to combine these seemingly different activities,” said Christine Desrochers, yoga teacher and founder of Downward d20. “The Fringe Festival is a great opportunity to share this kind of experimental theatre with open-minded people,” added Desrochers.

D&D Yoga provides the audience the opportunity to directly experience a fantasy adventure while roleplaying their own character that will be one of three types: warrior, rogue or mage. The adventure story was written to match the flow of a yoga class and participants will use dice rolling and thematic yoga movements to explore an imaginary world, battle monsters, and overcome obstacles.

“When I first volunteered to test the D&D Yoga experience, I had no idea what it entailed,” said Amyris Rada, play tester and yoga teacher. “I never participated in a roleplaying game before and was genuinely surprised at how much fun it was,” added Rada.

The D&D Yoga experience has been designed for all skill levels so no yoga or gaming experience is required. Yogis can experience infusing their practice with imaginative gameplay, while gamers get the chance to explore creative movement in a roleplaying game.

“I have never really done yoga before and I was intrigued when asked to playtest something that combined yoga with roleplaying games,” said Robert Peacock, play tester and Dungeon & Dragons Dungeon Master. “The gaming elements were creatively streamlined and the yoga movements were well-matched to the adventure,” added Peacock.

Performances are being held at Toronto’s Dovercourt House. Eleven shows will be held throughout the Toronto Fringe Festival between July 5 and 16. Date and time details can be found at

Those planning on attending are encouraged to wear comfortable workout clothes. Yoga mats and dice will be provided.


About Downward d20

Downward d20 was founded in 2016 by Christine Desrochers, a certified yoga teacher and gaming enthusiast. D&D yoga was created to provide people with an immersive experience through fusing a yoga practice with the imaginative elements of tabletop roleplay gaming. For more information about Downward d20 visit –

photo of Christine Desrochers by Amyris Rada

RECALL – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

From press release:

Poster for RECALL“Close your eyes and count to three.”

Seven Siblings Theatre
in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents:

Written by Eliza Clark
Directed by Will King

Starring: Kyla Young, Genevieve Adam, Madryn McCabe, Warren Kang, and Luis Fernandes.

Assistant Directed by Erik Helle – Fight Directed by Nate Bitton
Lighting Design by Parker Nowlan
Stage Managed by Chin Palipane
Produced by Will King, Madryn McCabe, and Nicole Nadeau

RECALL takes us to a grim, sci-fi world in which crimes might be prevented before they occur. Lucy makes people uncomfortable. There’s something about her eyes. There’s something about the way her mother’s boyfriends keep disappearing. And there’s something about the government agents on her trail. Radically imaginative and achingly plain, this contemporary thriller explores our need to feel connected, understood, and loved. No matter the damage, no matter the cost.

Friday, July 7th, 2017 @ 1:45pm
Saturday, July 8th, 2017 @ 9:15pm
Monday, July 10th, 2017 @ 3:00pm
Tuesday, July 12th, 2017 @ 12:00pm
Wednesday, July 13th, 2017 @ 7:30pm
Thursday, July 14th, 2017 @ 11:00pm
Saturday July 16th, 2017@ 6:15pm

The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre
1115 Queen Street W
Toronto, ON
M6J 3T4
Tickets are available starting June 8, 2017 @ or 416-966-1062
Price: $12.00

Please visit for more information on Seven Siblings Theatre @
twitter: @SevenSiblingsCo
instagram: @sevensiblingstheatre

Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe Ticket Giveaways for Shows on Friday, July 1

Fringe For Free Graphic Contests Day 3! Already! I know, right!?!

More importantly, FIRST DAY OF FRINGE!!!

Now, is there any better way to celebrate Canada Day than checking out some theatre for free? No, I didn’t think so.

So, start emailing and entering some contests. We have 5 more shows up for grabs today, all of them for Friday July 1.

Also, starting tomorrow morning – or, if you’re really eager, the wee hours tonight (or is that the wee hours of tomorrow morning?) you will be able to read the first of our reviews.

Now, onto the contests…

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Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe Ticket Giveaways for Shows on Thursday, June 30

Fringe For Free Graphic Day two of our ticket contests! Woo hoo! What’s better than great theatre? Great free theatre!

Well we’re here to help you with that. We’re giving away a pair of tickets to five shows a day, and you can enter for each show, each day.

That means, in theory, if you were the luckiest person in the world, you could see a million shows for free! (math isn’t my strong suit, my degree is in theatre…)

Plus, check us out for reviews of every show in the festival as well as general buzz and features about other aspects. For the next couple weeks it’s all Fringe all the time around here.

Now, back to those free tickets, check out after the break for what shows are on offer today for Thursday July 30th and how to enter.

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