Our Story

Our grandiose goal here at Mooney on Theatre is to demystify theatre.

People in the theatre industry often seem so shocked when they hear that people are intimidated by theatre, but the truth is, they really are. So, we try to let people know what to expect from a show, to help minimize the intimidation so many feel when it comes to theatre.

We want to remind people that they don’t have to have theatre training, or be ‘culturally rich’ or anything like that to enjoy theatre, they just have to go.

So, what is Mooney on Theatre?

Mooney on Theatre is a website about theatre (primarily in Toronto), founded by Megan Mooney (which you likely already figured out). It includes contributions about specific productions from writers with a variety of levels of experiences with theatre.

MoT reviews are intended to be experiential reviews. What the piece felt like for the writer, whether the write liked it or not. We hope to give our readers enough information to know that they will not like a piece even when a writer loves it, or vice versa. Art is subjective. These reviews are only one person’s opinion.

In my dream world, theatre becomes an art form of the masses again. These days, all too often, theatre is seen as an elite art form, something fancy. I want theatre to be available, accessible and considered as an option for “waddaya wanna do tonight” conversations. – Megan Mooney, Editor