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Heart-Strings: Tanya Elchuck – 2010 Toronto Fringe Review

By Amber Landgraff

Have you ever wondered why our hearts do the things that they do?  Have you ever felt the extreme emotions of a break-up and thought that you’d be better off without a heart to break? Heart-Strings, created by Tanya Elchuck and Amy Crnkovic, uses physical theatre and clown influence to explore the story of one Girl and her Heart.

Girl bemoans the fact that her Heart didn’t come with instructions, and looks for answers about why it acts the way it does.  Eventually, tiring of the emotional ups and downs that come with having a heart, Girl decides that she would be better off getting rid of Heart altogether.  She discovers that getting rid of your Heart isn’t that easy after all.
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Review: The 7th Annual Cooking Fire Theatre Festival

By Amber Landgraff

The 7th Annual Cooking Fire Theatre Festival is a great and inexpensive way to spend a warm summer evening.  Five short plays are scattered throughout Dufferin Grove Park making spectacular use of the outdoor location.

The evening started at 6:00 PM with a delicious and filling dinner for only $6.00.  All the food was made using locally grown ingredients on-site by volunteers.  I had the vegetarian option for the evening, and my friend Manda tried the meat dish, both of which were served with sides of bean salad and a green salad.  For the picky eaters and children in the audience they also offered mini pizzas and hot dogs.
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Review: The Soldier's Tale

The Soldier's Tale

By Amber Landgraff

When I went to see The Soldier’s Tale I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Described by the Open Corps Theatre company as a spoken word opera, the piece uses the Casa Loma stables as a backdrop for an entertaining show combining dance, spoken performance and music.

The Soldier’s Tale follows the story of Joseph, a soldier on leave, who meets the devil in disguise while on the road.  Joseph ends up trading his fiddle for a book that promises untold wealth. Joseph eventually realizes that wealth doesn’t equal happiness and he has to fight the devil to regain what he has lost.

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