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Apart from his (pathological?) obsession with airplane disasters, Istvan is a filmmaker and film enthusiast, but began his creative adventures in theatre. Starting out as an actor, he soon discovered a preference for life behind-the-scenes. He has experience in lighting design, stage management and production management, but his passion is writing and directing. With several short films and an indie feature under his belt, film has been his focus in recent years, but theatre has been calling him back. You see more of his critical writing at his film reflection blog:

Review: For Russia With (Gay) Love (Wrecking Ball)


Wrecking Ball tackled Russia’s anti-gay legislation in For Russia with (Gay) Love at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Wrecking Ball #15 presented For Russia With (Gay) Love at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre this past Sunday night. Inspired by Zee Zee Theatre’s “NYET: A Cabaret of Concerned Canadians”— an event that took place in Vancouver on the same night — it was a veritable Who’s Who of Canadian theatre coming together to showcase original works in protest of Russia’s new anti-gay legislation.

Founded ten years ago by director Ross Manson and playwright Jason Sherman, Wrecking Ball is a politically charged event in which esteemed theatre artists tackle relevant political issues. This latest installment featured entries from queer and allied playwrights: Ronnie Burkett, Dave Deveau, Shawn Macdonald, Daniel MacIvor, Sonja Mills and Marcus Youseff. These were directed by: Steven Bush, Esther Jun, Erica Kopyto, Moynan King, Sue Miner and Gein Wong. Wow, right? Continue reading Review: For Russia With (Gay) Love (Wrecking Ball)

Review: Fixed (Videofag)

fixed photo 2

Fixed is a funny and poignant production about gay culture playing at Toronto’s Videofag

The set is minimalist and futuristic—a strip of LEDs and several bare bulbs hung from the ceiling. They were flickering dimly as I took my seat in the intimate Videofag venue. The space seats only about 20 people, so I felt like one of a select few specially invited guests. This, I discovered, is the perfect lead-in to Fixed.

The year is 2050. The show opens with a charming song and dance number as Gayle, the fictitious inventor of Grindr—the first proximity-based hook-up app for gay men—introduces us to the latest version of the app, which allows users to transmit holographic representations of themselves directly into other users’ homes. Continue reading Review: Fixed (Videofag)

Review: Gay Play Day 2013 (Gay Play Day)


Gay Play Day showcased thought-provoking and inspiring theatre by local LGBTTQ playwrights at Toronto’s Alumnae Theatre

Having grown up with supportive family, friends and peers, my coming-out process was an enviably easy process. I have been—and do appreciate this—quite fortunate in that I have not had to dwell on my sexual orientation. It has never been an obstacle for me, nor even particularly interesting subject matter, and so I rarely seek out specifically gay content. I arrived at the Alumnae Theatre Studio Space to see the second annual Gay Play Day feeling dubious, yet intrigued.

The festival features plays by local LGBTTQ playwrights. (For those who are not familiar with what all of those letters signify, here is a breakdown: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit and Queer.) Six short plays ran for two evening performances on the Friday and Saturday, with an additional matinee on Saturday that featured four solo shows. There was considerable talent showcased this year. Continue reading Review: Gay Play Day 2013 (Gay Play Day)

Theatre Passe Murialle’s Student Creation Week


Toronto’s Theatre Passe Muraille’s annual Student Creation Week opened their doors to four GTA high schools offering workshops and intensives to help students hone their creative theatrical talents

Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending Theatre Passe Muraille’s Student Creation Week performance. It was an honour to be invited to this very special event. For those who have not heard of the Student Creation Week program, I encourage you to check out the page on the TPM website.

Theatre Passe Muraille hosts the Student Creation Week annually. It is an inspiring way for this theatre to kick-off its season. Theatre Passe Murialle has been dedicated to producing new original works—particularly collective creations such as this—since its founding 46 years ago. Continue reading Theatre Passe Murialle’s Student Creation Week

Review: Look Back in Anger (Fevergraph)


FeverGraph’s adaptation of John Osborne’s play Look Back in Anger is filled with raw, probing performances playing in Toronto’s historic Queen West district

A faded copy of Look Back in Anger has been collecting dust on my shelf for over ten years. In preparation for my review of FeverGraph’s “physical and auditory deconstruction of John Osborne’s classic text”, I finally cracked it open to see what it might have to say to me. This is precisely what FeverGraph has done: dusted off this play to unveil whatever insight it offers now, almost sixty years after it was written.

The venue at 1093 Queen Street West has a rough, transformed-space atmosphere. The performance area is long and narrow, with the audience facing each other at opposite sides of the stage. There is a very intense intimacy with the actors that results from such close proximity; they are, at times, only a foot away from the audience. Continue reading Review: Look Back in Anger (Fevergraph)

Review: The Space Between (Cinematoscape)


Simeon Taole brings raw intensity and emotion to his role of Winston in The Space Between, his one man theatre show playing at Toronto’s Distillery District

I seem always to be dashing to the Distillery District, desperately hoping not to be late for some theatrical experience. It’s a shame because I hardly ever have a chance to actually enjoy the area. Thankfully, I made it to the Ernest Balmer Studio only a few moments late and found that the front of house staff had been holding the show for a few tardy individuals (of which I was one).

The Space Between is Simeon Taole’s debut as a playwright, but you’d never suspect as much. The writing is eloquent. It is full of warmth and insight into the heartbreak and joy of someone who has experienced and overcome adversity. Continue reading Review: The Space Between (Cinematoscape)

Review: YouTopia (Vertical City)

Vertical City’s YouTopia is an intellectually stimulating and visually striking theatrical experience playing at Toronto’s Glen Morris Studio Theatre


The set of YouTopia is a stylish and evocative contraption that overwhelmed me as I took my seat in the Glen Morris Studio Theatre. It towers over the audience, this haphazard grid that serves as a mechanism for the sustained existence—not quite life—of our three characters: Kiran, The Engineer and AL.

Kiran is trapped in an arduous cycle of repetition. The structure of her daily routine is sustained by the voice of AL (a computer). She pulls herself along the steel bars of her world and must balance precariously in various parts of the set. AL talks to her throughout—a time-keeper, a monitor, a friend. Kiran, eventually growing dissatisfied with her banal existence, begins to challenge AL. Continue reading Review: YouTopia (Vertical City)

Review: Anton in Show Business (Rhízōma Productions in association with Go Play Producing)


Anton in Show Business is an intelligent play within a play at Toronto’s intimate Sterling Studio Theatre

The Sterling Studio Theatre is a very charming little venue tucked away in the Bloor and Landsdown area. You’d never suspect the theatrical magic that awaits you behind its unassuming façade. Anton in Show Business is very special. It is my hope that, if I achieve nothing else in the following paragraphs, I convince you to see it!

As my companion and I arrived at the Sterling Studio, which is at the end of a quiet residential side street, we were greeted by members of the company and escorted into the somewhat hidden theatre. The front of house staff knows how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere even before you’ve reached the front door. Continue reading Review: Anton in Show Business (Rhízōma Productions in association with Go Play Producing)

Review: Parade (StageWorks Toronto)


Parade, a StageWorks Toronto production at the George Ignatieff Theatre, tells the true story of Leo Frank—Jewish and from Brooklyn—who becomes the superintendent of an Atlanta pencil factory and is the last to see Mary Phagan, a young worker, alive.

This musical is set against the backdrop of a South that is proud and angry, still recovering from the Confederate defeat some 50 years prior. The year is 1913 and, deep in the heart of Georgia, Leo Frank is wrongly convicted of the murder of Mary Phagan. Continue reading Review: Parade (StageWorks Toronto)

iShow (Les Petites Cellules Chaudes) 2013 SummerWorks Review


iShow is a completely mind-blowing experience! Oh, I’m gushing. I can’t help it.  I went into this thinking it looked neat, but it moved me in ways I never expected. It hit nerves I didn’t even know I had. It is fun, and funny, and smart, and hypnotic, and sexy! It crept under my skin and now it won’t leave me alone.

This is a multi-media performance. Now, you should probably watch the very exciting trailer to get some sense of what that looks like. The show may not be to everyone’s taste. But if you have a sense of adventure, I urge you to give this show a chance. It might just rattle your brain and seize your heart too!

Continue reading iShow (Les Petites Cellules Chaudes) 2013 SummerWorks Review