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Madeleine Copp saw her first show when she was four years old and it was love at first sight. She pursued a bachelor’s in theatre production and design and English literature, culminating in a love for flexible, innovative, and diverse theatre artists that challenge all our preconceived notions of the stage. Her thesis, Printed Voices: Women, Print, and Performance pushed for new interpretations of closet drama from the early modern to modern period in the hopes of seeing more female playwrights included in the performance canon. Since graduating, Madeleine continues to seek out unexpected, startling, and challenging works that leave her angry, speechless, and wonderfully confused.

Review: Forever Plaid (Starvox Entertainment)

Photo of Forever Plaid poster

Forever Plaid is an All-Singing, All-Dancing Tribute to an Era

Every so often a wish comes true and people get a second chance at their dream. In Starvox Entertainment’s Forever Plaid playing at the Panasonic Theatre gives a quartet the chance to have that one show they never got to play.

Some might say it’s a concert that is out of this world, but, personally, I think it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

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Looking for Paul: Inez van Dam vs. The Buttplug Gnome (Wunderbaum)

Photo of Looking for Paul

Looking for Paul is a Show for Thinkers, Feelers, Radicals and Weirdos

You ever have a piece of art you hate — like really, really hate — and you wonder why and how that thing managed to not only get made but get funded, too? Wunderbaum’s Looking for Paul: Inez van Dam vs. the Buttplug Gnome, done in association with Richard Jordan Productions, RED CAT, Theatre Royal Plymouth, and Summerhall, and playing at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre, tackles just such a question — and it does so in an unforgettable fashion.

A combination of comedy, moral fluidity, and chaos is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Review: Das Ding (Theatre Smash/Canadian Stage)

Photo of Qasim Khan in Das DingTheatre Smash and Canadian Stage present the delightfully absurd play Das Ding in Toronto

The smallest action touches everyone around it. Big or small, these actions unfold outside our control, it’s just a matter of perspective that makes it a tragedy or a comedy. It’s here that Theatre Smash’s production of Das Ding presented in partnership with Canadian Stage at the Berkeley Street Upstairs Theatre deconstructs these actions in an attempt to find the heart, the soul, and of course the humour of its characters.

I’m not sure it succeeds at every turn, but as these bits and pieces come together there’s a heck of a lot to watch.

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Review: Travelogue (The Toy Piano Composers and The Bicycle Opera Project)

Photo of TravelogueIn Travelogue, four contemporary mini operas dazzle Toronto audiences

I personally believe that creating contemporary opera is more risky than other artistic endeavours. The music, style, and imagination required feels staggering with plenty of room for failure.

Luckily The Toy Piano Composers in collaboration with The Bicycle Opera Project have created something unexpectedly wonderful in their brand new show Travelogue, playing at the Arts and Letters Club as part of the Curiosity Festival.

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