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Review: They’re Listening (Echo Productions)

They’re Listening is an “energetic romp through a virtual reality-scape”

Picture of Adrian Yearwood and Cora Matheson in They're ListeningThey’re Listening is a quirky science fiction production from indie Toronto-based theatre company Echo Productions. It’s currently playing at The Collective Space, a community performance, event, and workshop venue. (Be warned, the entrance to the venue is around the back of the building and easy to miss).

Echo Productions’s goal is to produce socially relevant works for the Millenial generation and for audiences who wouldn’t normally view theatre. And They’re Listening is just that. The play is set in a post-apocalyptic world with action sequences modeled like video game adventures. Leveling up, health bars, and other video game features are projected onto the back wall of the stage. Continue reading Review: They’re Listening (Echo Productions)

Review: Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera (Opéra Concept MP)

Photo of actors in Another Brick in the Wall: The OperaOpéra Concept MP brings Another Brick in the Wall to Meridian Hall

As a Pink Floyd fan and an opera novice, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera, produced by Opéra Concept MP and playing at Meridian Hall (formerly the Sony Centre). This performance is adapted from the 1979 rock operaThe Wall” (and the movie of the same name), conceived and written by Pink Floyd’s bassist Roger Waters.

Continue reading Review: Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera (Opéra Concept MP)

Review: Let’s Run Away (Canadian Stage)

Picture of Daniel MacIvor in Let's Run AwayCanadian Stage presents a solo show exploring a son’s tenuous relationship with his mother

Daniel MacIvor (writer and performer) and Daniel Brooks (director and dramaturge) bring us the world premiere of their seventh solo show, Let’s Run Away, playing at Canadian Stage. Peter (Daniel MacIvor) tells the story of his complicated and infrequent relationship with his birth mother by reading her unpublished memoir while interjecting with objections, angry outbursts, and a punk song. Continue reading Review: Let’s Run Away (Canadian Stage)

Review: Almighty Voice and His Wife (Soulpepper)

Picture of James Dallas Smith and Michaela Washburn in Almighty Voice and His Wife

Moses’s classic play is ‘astonishingly impactful and heartbreakingly important’

Daniel David Moses’s classic play Almighty Voice and His Wife comes to Soulpepper, playing at The Young Centre for Performing Arts. Almighty Voice (or Kitchi-manito-waya, meaning “Voice of the Great Spirit”) was a Cree warrior, born around 1875 on the One Arrow Reserve in Saskatchewan. Arrested for shooting a cow, Almighty Voice escaped jail in fear of being hung. Continue reading Review: Almighty Voice and His Wife (Soulpepper)

Review: Un Poyo Rojo (Canadian Stage)

Picture of Nicolás Poggi and Luciano Rosso in Un Poyo RojoUn Poyo Rojo is “deliciously deceptive, sidesplittingly antagonistic, and completely perfect.”

The house lights go down and we sit in the pitch black for a few moments. When the lights come up, Nicolás Poggi and Luciano Rosso stare out at the audience silently – two men in an empty locker room. The performers stay like this, unmoving, for a full minute: an unnerving amount of time. Then the performance begins.

Un Poyo Rojo was created ten years ago by Nicolás Poggi, Luciano Rosso, Alfonso Barón, and Hermes Gaido. The production has been touring internationally since 2015. This season, Un Poyo Rojo comes to Toronto with Canadian Stage at The Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre. Continue reading Review: Un Poyo Rojo (Canadian Stage)