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Samantha is both a writer and a fan of the arts and has been able to find numerous ways to pair the two. Aside from being an editor here at Mooney on Theatre, she's a photojournalist for Been Here Done That, a travel, dining and tourism blog that focuses on Toronto and abroad and previously for  Lithium Magazine, which got her writing and shooting about everything from Dave Matthews Band to Fan Expo. She's passionate about music, theatre, photography, writing, and celebrating sexuality -- not necessarily in that order. She drinks tea more than coffee, prefer ciders over beers, and sings karaoke way too loudly. You can follow her on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Review: If I Could #Throwback Time (Second City)

Second City brings audiences on a trek through nostalgia for their 83rd main stage show

For their 83rd (wow!) main stage revue, Second City presents If I Could #Throwback Time — a sketch variety show that brings the audience on a trip through nostalgia with nods to Power Rangers, ET, and old school video games. As with any Second City show, there’s a chance you may be prompted on stage or otherwise asked to get involved, but one thing is for sure, you’re bound to laugh.

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Review: Stories in the Woods (Frog in Hand)

Frog in Hand presents a dystopian journey into the deep unknown with Stories in the Woods

A mysterious walk through the cold woods at night turns into an eerie exploration into a dystopian future where climate change has rendered the world nearly unlivable. For two nights, Frog in Hand led a group of wanderers deep into the unknown where dancers utilized a haunting soundscape, the deep woods and rough terrain in the dark, and strategic lighting to illustrate a tale of what could possibly be in Stories in the Woods.

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Review: A Streetcar Named Desire (Soulpepper)

Soulpepper Theatre presents Tennessee Williams’ explosive classic on stage

One of Tennessee Williams‘ most celebrated works, A Streetcar Named Desire, is easily one of the most formidable plays of the 20th Century. Whether you’ve seen the stage production before or were introduced to the production by The Simpsons, there’s no denying how much elements from this play have been integrated into popular culture. Soulpepper Theatre now welcomes you to the sweltering heat of New Orleans, where tensions run high in Stella and Stanley’s dilapidated apartment.

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Review: Piaf/Dietrich – A Legendary Affair (Mirvish)

A story about the little known friendship between Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich

Few people can say they have a best friend as close to them as the friendship between legendary stars of the early 20th Century, Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf. Although not many knew about their intense friendship, letters and texts between the two revealed their lifelong connection that even began as romantic. Now, on stage at the CAA Theatre, Mirvish presents Piaf/Dietrich – A Legendary Affair, directed by Gordon Greenberg, a musical about their thriving friendship that helped elevate both into showbiz history.

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Review: The Stranger 2.0 Above (DopoLavoro Teatrale)

The Stranger 2.0 is interactive and immersive mystery theatre for an audience of two

DopoLavoro Teatrale invites you to explore the unknown in The Stranger 2.0, a live theatre experience designed for an audience of two. Much about this adventure remains unknown, right down to the venue which is not announced to the participants until the day before. The joy and intrigue of this experience come down to your willingness to let go and be lead as far down as the rabbit hole will go.

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