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Review: Mr. Marmalade (Fly by Night Theatre)

I watched Mr. Marmalade, produced by Fly by Night Theatre, at Toronto’s Village Playhouse on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

I had read the description of the play and knew it was a dark comedy but had no idea it would be 90 minutes (including an intermission) of non-stop hilarity.

The play is about four-year-old Lucy and her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade who has an anger management problem; he beats his personal assistant, snorts cocaine off Lucy’s coffee table and carries around a briefcase full of pornographic magazines. There are drugs, alcohol, swearing and suicides – definitely not suitable for children. Continue reading Review: Mr. Marmalade (Fly by Night Theatre)

Luminato 2011 Review – TAJ (Sampradaya Dance Creations)

TAJ is the story about the King who created the Taj Mahal: an epic tale about yearning, passion, true love and loss. I was about seven years old when I visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India and remember my mom telling me the story about a Moghul King, Shah Jahan, who builds this mausoleum as a tribute to his beloved wife, Mumtaz. I was fascinated by the grandeur and sheer beauty of the building and that sense of wonderment has stayed with me since.

Over 20 years later I am just as excited at the prospect of watching this story of the TAJ come to life. The production is magnificent and does justice to this timeless love story. The play opens with a Sufi dancer whirling in abandonment to mystical Islamic music. Continue reading Luminato 2011 Review – TAJ (Sampradaya Dance Creations)

Review: redSound plays (InspiraTO Festival)

I watched the last performance of the redSound plays at the InspiraTO Festival this weekend at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto. The show wasn’t till 10:30pm and I had worked a full day so I was worried that if I got bored I might just doze off. Lucky for me: the play was thoroughly entertaining.

The InspiraTO Festival consisted of two sets of shows, redSound and blueSound, each being a collection of 8 ten-minute plays. This is a perfect production for my A.D.D. generation as by the time your attention starts to slip away, it’s over. Continue reading Review: redSound plays (InspiraTO Festival)