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Review: False Claims (Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)

False Claims is a rare farce that flirts with psychological depth

Eli Pasic’s False Claims—currently running at the Alumnae Theatre— is a farce about love, loyalty, and an insurance scam that threatens to tear apart an already broken family. As farces go, he takes things in a less-travelled direction, contrasting the humor, absurdity, and zany antics you’d expect from the genre with deeply troubled characters who are in many ways not exaggerations at all.

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Review: Marienbad (Toronto Dance Theatre)

Internationally-acclaimed queer dance returns to the Toronto stage

Marienbad, produced by Toronto Dance Theatre, recounts the tender, turbulent relationship between two queer men through free-form movement and dance. It’s written and performed by TDT Artistic Director, Christopher House, and two-time Governor General’s Award- winner for English Drama, Jordan Tannahill. If you’re interested in artists who strive for emotional authenticity by breaking away from linear storytelling, this might be for you.

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Review: A Blow in the Face (Bald Ego Theatre/Nightwood Theatre)

A play by Lisa Ryder, now on stage in Toronto, tackles the topic of postpartum depression

A Blow in the Face, produced by Bald Ego Theatre in association with Nightwood Theatre, is an intimate tour through a young mother’s bout with postpartum depression. Uncompromising in its vision and attention to craft, the play continues in The Theatre Centre’s tradition of moving the artform forward.

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Review: Human Animals (ARC)

ARC presents a site-specific production of Stef Smith’s play Human Animals in Toronto

Stef Smith’s Human Animals, produced by ARC, presents us with a dystopian vision of neighbours hanging onto sanity as Toronto’s animal population turns crazed with disease. Staged in St. Matthews Clubhouse, this site-specific work delivers on the thrill of impending apocalypse through realistic characters, whose everyday problems don’t go away just because the world might end.

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Review: Canadian Rajah (Canadian Actors’ Equity Association)

 Unknown true story from Canadian history is rediscovered in new site-specific performance at Toronto heritage building

The beauty of Canadian Rajah is in the ambitious stakes that playwright Dave Carley sets for himself, which the cast and crew quite admirably exceed. Namely, they bring a little-known piece of Canadian history to life: a family drama, involving sex, racism, Borneo royalty, and political intrigue, with only two actors to step into the roles of this sprawling, decades-long story. The play is at the end of a run of intimate performances at the Campbell House Museum.

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