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Review: To Kill A Mockingbird (Young People’s Theatre)

To Kill A Mockingbird, YPT

Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre presents To Kill A Mockingbird as a play adapted for young audiences

When I first heard that Young People’s Theatre was opening their forty-ninth season with To Kill A Mockingbird I was admittedly a little skeptical. Could a play with such heavy subject matter be successfully staged for younger audiences? The answer is, undoubtedly, yes. YPT’s solid production manages to embody this story’s message of conviction and courage without shying away from its harsher themes of racism and injustice.

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Review: Present Laughter (East Side Players)

by Tiffany Budhyanto

From left to right: Nicole Downie, Robert Ouellette, Ted Powers, Daryn Dewalt

Toronto’s East Side Players presents Noel Coward’s classic comedy Present Laughter at Todmorden Mills’ Papermill Theatre from May 26 to June 11, 2011.

Located in the historic Todmorden Mills heritage site is the charming Papermill Theatre. Large wooden beams, red brick walls and a gallery of paintings create a pleasant atmosphere where the local community can enjoy theatre.

The company’s last production of the season, Present Laughter, portrays a narcissistic middle-aged actor named Garry Essendine in 1939 preparing to leave for a production run in Africa. Lusting women, a crazed playwright, his ex-wife, and his bitter secretary all get in the way of his plans.

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