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Apart from his (pathological?) obsession with airplane disasters, Istvan is a filmmaker and film enthusiast, but began his creative adventures in theatre. Starting out as an actor, he soon discovered a preference for life behind-the-scenes. He has experience in lighting design, stage management and production management, but his passion is writing and directing. With several short films and an indie feature under his belt, film has been his focus in recent years, but theatre has been calling him back. You see more of his critical writing at his film reflection blog:

Review: Heathers: The Musical (Hart House Theatre)

Hart House Theatre presents a new production of Heathers: The Musical in Toronto

Heathers: The Musical, currently showing at Hart House Theatre, is based on the cult classic ’80s film of the same name; a dark comedy where the struggle for popularity—and, for some, just plain acceptance—leads to hate and violence. It is teen angst with a death count. For the most part, the musical follows the same plot and characters and has a similar campy appeal. Continue reading Review: Heathers: The Musical (Hart House Theatre)

Shit I’m In Love With You Again (Crowning Monkey) 2018 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Rachelle Elie for Shit I’m In Love With You Again

Shit I’m In Love With You Again is Rachelle Elie’s autobiographical one-woman show presented by Crowning Monkey for the Toronto Fringe Festival. This bawdy musical takes the audience on a tour of teenage lust, family drama and therapy.

Taking a seat, my 80s childhood came flooding back to me as I was greeted by The Bangles’ Eternal Flame. Before me, was a stage decked out in pink and purple outfits and a sequinned backdrop. I knew I was in good, campy, capable hands.

Continue reading Shit I’m In Love With You Again (Crowning Monkey) 2018 Toronto Fringe Review

Judas Star Supersong (Dusty Dora Productions) 2018 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Paula Wolfson for Judas Star Supersong

Dusty Dora Productions presents Paula Wolfson’s one-woman musical Judas Star Supersong at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Does the set-up sound familiar? A prophet is believed to be the long-awaited Messiah. His friend and disciple gets caught up in the web of fate as the politics of the day does its dirty work. Betrayal and crucifixion follow. Continue reading Judas Star Supersong (Dusty Dora Productions) 2018 Toronto Fringe Review

Review: Stones (Aluna Theatre)

Stones is a multi-disciplinary look at a history of violence against women, on stage in Toronto

Stoning is an appalling practice. The cruelty and brutality of it is deliberate; the purpose is not only to kill, but to terrify, torture and humiliate. It is an ancient practice still seen in some parts of the world.

As a response to a long history of violence against women, of which stoning is a particularly horrific exemplification, Aluna Theatre presents Stones—a multi-disciplinary collaboration—to depict the misogyny that fuels that violence. Continue reading Review: Stones (Aluna Theatre)

Review: Frozen (Seven Siblings Theatre)

Harrowing play takes to the Toronto stage

In the b current studio at Artscape Wychwood Barns, Seven Siblings Theatre presents Bryony Lavery’s compelling play about grief and forgiveness—Frozen. In modern day England, ten year old Rhona is found sexually abused and murdered. Circumstances then conspire to draw three characters together: Nancy (the mother of the murdered girl), Ralph (the murderer) and Agnetha (a visiting American psychologist researching violent criminality in men). Continue reading Review: Frozen (Seven Siblings Theatre)