My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding Vows

By Leanne Milech

We thought this show couldn’t get any sweeter, but it has!  This weekend, My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding (MMLJWW) turns into YOUR very own (insert long, descriptive acronym) wedding!

Following the March 12, 13 and 14 shows of MMLJWW, couples from the audience will be invited to stand up in the Panasonic Theatre and participate in a free commitment ceremony.  You can be first-timers, or a couple of lovebirds who just want to renew your vows publicly.

The stars of the show will conduct the non-denominational ceremonies, participating couples will receive a commemorative certificate AND they’ll also be entered into a draw to win 120,000 Aeroplan Miles.

Read on for more details!

Tie the Knot At
FREE Special “Commitment Ceremonies” At Weekend PerformancesMarch 12, 13 & 14, 2010  The Panasonic Theatre

Toronto’s homegrown musical comedy hit, MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING, will be offering free Commitment Ceremonies after each performance during the weekend of March 12, 13 & 14, 2010.
During the designated weekend, attend a performance of MMLJWW and stay afterwards to participate in the show’s unique wedding vows. Whether you have been married for years and are looking for an opportunity to renew your vows, or whether you want to declare to the world (or at least a theatre full of people) your love and commitment to another person, MMLJWWwill make it easy to say “I do!”
In keeping with the inclusive, understanding and loving spirit of MMLJWW, these Commitment Ceremonies will be open to everyone (you don’t have be lesbian… or Jewish… or Wiccan). The Ceremonies will be conducted in the auditorium of the theatre by the stars of the show, in true communal style, immediately after the show has ended. Those couples who want to participate will step forward; the rest of the audience will be the witnesses.  Afterwards, each participating couple will receive a commemorative certificate marking the date of their Commitment at MMLJWW.
Also, each participating couple will be entered in a draw to win 120,000 Aeroplan Miles, enabling the winning couple to travel anywhere in the world on a honeymoon.

A “heartwarming”, “charming” and “infectious” new musical comedy,  MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDINGbegan life during the 2009 Toronto Fringe at an 85-seat storefront theatre in Kensington Market, where it immediately became apparent the show deserved a longer life. The show made the transfer to the commercial mainstage at the Panasonic Theatre, under the auspices of Mirvish Productions in a record-breaking 8-week run in November and December 2009. The show is now in its return engagement, playing at the Panasonic Theatre through March 21, 2010.  Like they did at the Fringe, audiences embraced it at the Panasonic from its very first showing.  Already 40,000 people have been touched by, laughed with and cheered this homegrown hit.

Cyberspace has been atwitter with audience recommendations. Theatregoers have called the show: “Incredibly smart, insightful, and timely”; “A musical performance about human diversity with real depth…informative, educational, brilliant”; “Really hard not to fall la-la-la-la in love with this show”; “Fresh! Entertaining! Excellent!”; “Fabulous, powerfully moving, deeply funny!”; “Original hilarious, well paced, and very touching.”; “Makes me very proud to be Canadian!”

And the critics agree:

“HILARIOUS! People are flocking to MMLJWW; so should you! A funny, witty and gentle good time. Charming & touching.” – Lynn Slotkin, CBC Radio

“REJOICE! A real glow going! We all get to feel happily enlightened. Drawing and pleasing the crowds!” – Robert Cushman, National Post

“HEARTWARMING! Infectious! You can’t help but like this sweet show.” – J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail

“GREAT! Funny, smart, feel-good fun! You’ll laugh, cry and get songs stuck in your head. Go to this, you’ll leave smiling. Smiling is good.” – Megan Mooney,

“Plenty of fun! Plenty of songs that are sure to touch the hearts of audience members, this is the type of show that appeals to a variety of audiences, whether they’re mothers, lesbians, Jews or Wiccans. Or none of the above.” – Roger Cullman, blog TO

Written by David Hein and Irene Carl Sankoff, with songs by David Hein, MMLJWW tells the story of a mother and son. The mother feels lost in life, wrestling with her identity. A new job brings new opportunities and with it a chance to truly find herself … discovering her sexuality, rediscovering her faith, and eventually coming out to her teenage son, ex-husband and homophobic Jewish mother.

MMLJWW features sensational songs that run the gamut from heartfelt (“If You Love Me”) to hilarious (“You Don’t Need a Penis” and “Don’t Take Your Lesbian Moms to Hooters”), to educational (“A Short History of Gay Marriage in Canada”).

The show is based on a true story. David Hein wrote the title song as a gift to his mother about her real life wedding. Convinced the story of his mother’s journey would make a good theatrical work, David and his wife, Irene Carl Sankoff, stitched together the stories that everyone asks them to tell: what life is like with two moms, including the seven parents at their wedding; the “facts of life” talk that Irene received from her in-laws; and how David’s mom first came out to him.

MMLJWW features (in alphabetical order) Rosemary Doyle, Jackie English, David Hein, Lisa Horner, Lori Nancy Kalamanski, Robert Kennedy, Kyle Orzech, Irene Carl Sankoff, Ted Simonette and Astrid Van Weiren.
Direction is by Andrew Lamb, with Sound Design by Richard Feren, Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay, and Costume Design by LIndsay Anne Black.  The band includes: Sarah Calvert on Piano, Jeff Daze on Bass, Timothy Bovaconti on Guitar and more and David Pontello on Drums.


Panasonic Theatre, 651 Yonge St. (south of Bloor)
Now Playing Until March 21, 2010
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