The Nile: Toronto 2010 Fringe Preview

From Press Release

“You will make a Nile in the sky,

That it might descend on them,

That it might make waves on the hills

Like the sea, To drench their fields and their towns.

For the Nile comes forth from the Underworld

For Egypt .”


Written by Conor Green – Robert Merritt Award Nominee for Best New Play for “Soul Alone”

Karen is having the vacation of her dreams, sailing down the Nile .  The world is not coming to an end.  You can’t destroy a civilization in fourty-five minutes.  Her tour leader is not the ancient goddess of righteous vengeance.  And she definitely isn’t going insane.  Definitely.

“ Egypt was just supposed to be a vacation.”

We’re sitting across from Conor Green, discussing his new play, The Nile, opening June 30 at the Annex Theatre as a part of Toronto ’s Fringe Festival.

“What surprised me the most was how wrong I was,” Green says.  “About everything.  I thought that I knew what I was getting into, where I was going.  I thought that because I’d read a couple of books about the pyramids, I knew what Egypt was going to be like.”

Green laughs and shakes his head.
“I didn’t know anything.”

Green is an avid traveler.  This passion led to one of The Nile’s central questions.

“Do we have a responsibility to open our eyes to the domestic problems of the countries we visit?  Are we experiencing a culture, or just snapping pictures?”

He smiles, and offers a hint at the play’s action: “If we witness an act of terrorism, do we have the responsibility to do something about it?”


Written and Directed by Conor Green – Nominee for a Robert Merritt Award for Best New Play and Tims Sims Encouragement award as a writer/performer

Starring Jenn Buffett, Colin Doyle, Sarah English, Duane Murray, and Andrea Scott

Annex Theatre, 730 Bathurst St.

Wednesday June 30th, 10:30pm

Saturday July 3rd, 9:15pm

Sunday July 4th, 3:00pm
Tuesday July 6th, 8:45pm
Thursday July 8th, 4:00pm
Friday July 9th, 7:30pm
Sunday July 11th, 12:00pm

All tickets $10 at the door,

or book in advance by calling the Fringe Hotline at 416.966.1062 or online at

Fringe Passes are also available after June 5, 2010, for more info visit