A Fringe Contest Worth Dancing About!

By Crystal Wood

The Fringe Festival isn’t just for theatre lovers. Thanks to the Fringe Dance Initiative, 11 dance shows are also a part of this year’s festival.

To encourage people to see these shows (as if I needed any encouragement), the Fringe is holding a contest. Here’s how it works.

Attend a dance show at the Fringe, and you will receive a stamp card with 5 empty boxes. Each time you attend one of the dance shows, hang around after and ask one of the performers to stamp or sign your card. Once you’ve filled all 5 boxes, give it to one of the dance artists or drop it off at the Dance Umbrella of Ontario (490 Adelaide Street W.)

What can you win? How does a trip sound? (To Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec City.) You could also win a spa package, tickets to a dance performance, or an aerial dance lesson.

For more information, check out danceatthefringe.blogspot.com

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