(Sponsored Post) Picture It Picture Books

Thank you so much to our sponsor Picture It Picture Books.  We appreciate the support.  Here’s a bit more information about them; please take the time to give it a quick read-through!

Picture It Picture Books is an independent Toronto-based publisher specializing in children’s picture books.  The most important part about Picture It Picture Books is that they don’t have any pictures!  We give our readers the opportunity to illustrate their very own books.  By visualizing the images to a story as it unfolds and then committing those images to paper, readers engage with our texts in a meaningful, physical way.  This increases reading comprehension and encourages readers to apply what they’ve learned to their own lives.

Our books are available online at Amazon.com, via our website, or in Toronto at Planet Kid in Roncesvalles and baby on the hip in Leslieville.  Our books will also soon be available at major Indigo stores in the GTA!  Check out our website for updates on our Indigo launch!

Read on for a full description of all 6 of our current titles:

Imagining Me – This must-have Picture It Picture Book gives children the opportunity to visualize their future life, including their dream job, dream home and their ability to make a difference in the world.  Children draw all of their favourite things and the people they love.  Not only a great keepsake, but a positive message about imagining and manifesting a happy life!

My Alphabet – Tired of “A is for apple”?  Finally, an alphabet book waiting to be filled with your child’s imagination.  Children personalize their very own alphabet book with their favourite things, family names or friends they adore.  “A” is for ANYTHING you can think of!

One, Deux, Three – Children learn how to count to ten in French and English while they imagine and draw the things that are important to them.  A bilingual counting book that will set your child’s imagination free!

The Moon Story – When a brother and sister take a rocket ship to the moon, they not only  have the adventure of a lifetime, but they also learn the true value of family.

Captain Zane – Captain Zane is greedy and mean.  She’s fishing all the great Goldhead sharks out of the ocean, and she won’t stop for anyone.  But the great Goldheads are plotting a sneaky plan of their own that will surprise Captain Zane and restore peace to their troubled waters.  Will it work?  Your child will find out as they bring the ocean to life with their imagination, inspiration and illustration!

Goodnight Dreams – Kaitie is eight years old, and she’s never had a dream.  Every night, she has oh-so-boring, dreamless sleeps.  Kaitie asks all of her friends for help.  They each delight in describing the amazing dreams they get to have night after night, but Kaitie still doesn’t know what to do.  When night falls, will Kaitie finally get what she’s always wanted?