S&P and Sega Geniuses – 2010 Toronto Fringe Review

By Winston Soon

A double bill of two long form Improv ensembles, S&P and Sega Geniuses, respectively – this show is a testament to the caliber and talent of long form improv in Toronto.

Feeling like a particularly good night at the Comedy Bar or Bad Dog Theatre, the show begins with a stage, some chairs and audience interview in an easy chair with cast member Jimi Shlag.   Interestingly, Shlag lets the audience volunteer nominate herself for both sets.

The group is playful and fluid and has the look and energy of an improv night at a college. Particularly strong choices from 2-Man No Show veteran Ken Hall in scenes that involve a garden scene with murderous plants and another with overzealous condo security.

When the set is done, Shlag asks another audience member for an interview, this time probing for heavier themes – like important causes and disasters.  A fantastic game-in-the-scene develops with Jesus making random unhelpful visits to people across the city.

This fringe audience seems to enjoy the latter team more – 4 strong players who make bold, quick choices and are completely supportive.  I heard a few people remark that they really preferred this second set. Hard to beat four funny boys, I guess.

Whatever the case – 10 bucks is a good price to see these two groups, with their final fringe show tomorrow at 1:00 pm.  This is improv that is all hits, and a few hilarious misses.