Review: "Swing in the Night" A Vaudeville Cabaret ( Lady Luck Productions)

By Adelina Fabiano

Sass and Sex Appeal Seduces a Toronto Audience                                

Hopefully Toronto will be in for a lot more of the dynamic duo of Teresa Lombardi and Patrizia Gianforcaro gracing our stages. These exceptionally talented young ladies founded Lady Luck Productions in 2008.

Their current production of “Swing in the Night” A Vaudeville Cabaret is a lively, energetic show filled with great tunes, an endearing illusionist, an intriguing aerialist, superb dancers and a stunning vocalist.

It is not luck that has gotten these ladies where they are now, but simply their talent, dedication, and strong backgrounds in professional entertainment. It has even taken them across the globe to work with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil and Carnival Cruises.

They continue to be sought after here in Toronto to perform at corporate and private events, dinner theatres, festivals, casinos and much, much more. Finally! A bit of Vaudeville is just what our city needs!

For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, Vaudeville Cabaret was a popular variety type show prevalent in the late 1800’s until the 1930’s throughout North America and Europe. It usually was comprised of singing, dancing, magic shows, and circus- like acts.

Lady Luck Productions brilliantly give tribute to this lost form of entertainment in this spectacular Vaudeville show. The candle lit lounge set the atmosphere the moment we walked in. Casual and appealing, Revival Lounge couldn’t have been a better setting to transport us back in time.

The show opens with comedian hosts known to us as Parker and Seville. Humorous and charming, the two gentlemen were spontaneous and engaging right from the start.

Gifted vocalist and company co-founder Teresa Lombardi, entices the crowd with her strong vocals, graceful movement, and stage presence. The petite and lovely brunette is a force to be reckoned with.

Accompanying her in the Broadway hit of “Cabaret” was the skilled and sexy dance troupe swinging over and around chairs, showcasing their dazzling choreography all around the stage.

The opening number, performed live by Lombardi and dancers was upbeat and energizing! The cabaret dancers were sharp and tantalizing. The variety of colourful and jewelled costumes added to the ambience, making me wish I could join in the fun!

Illusionist, Roberto Testa had some captivating moments which may actually lead you to believe in magic!

Of course, the tap numbers were also a joy to watch as tap dancing always is!

There was an extraordinary solo piece performed by the talented choreographer of the show, Patrizia Gianforcaro. As the illusionist pressed on a typewriter, Gianforcaro beautifully performed a contemporary dance piece moving to its rhythm. Clever and creative, this was one of my most memorable moments!

The Get Lucky’s Burlesque Trio was also a pleasant surprise. In spite of the recent revival of Burlesque type- dancing, I have never actually seen it performed. The characters of Red Herring, Trixi Jones and St. Stella were seductive yet playful.

At a few points, aerial artist, Natalie Fullerton moved gracefully along a blue satin sheet that hung from the ceiling. Daringly executed, her strong body appeared to flow in the air effortlessly.

Swing hits like “Jump, Jive and Wail,”, “World on a Sting,”, “Teach Me How to Shimmy,” and “ Big Spender” were some of the show’s highlights. Once again, Patrizia Gianforcaro’s choreography was fully entertaining and original, yet still capturing the true essence of the genre incorporating dances such as Charleston and Swing.

My guest for the evening was enthralled the whole night through. Defining it as high-energy, sexy and memorable, he and I believe this is a must see show.

There just isn’t enough of this kind of entertainment out there. If you are looking for a fun- filled evening, out of the ordinary, but still extraordinary, “Swing in the Night” A Vaudeville Cabaret is sure to intrigue.


-The show runs Sunday November 14th, 21st and 28th at 7pm at Revival lounge on 783 College Street.

-Tickets cost $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

 -Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 416-671-2226.

-Raffle tickets for prizes can also be purchased at the show and throughout intermission.

-Affordable and delicious pastries are also available during intermission.

-Lady Luck Productions may be contacted at for private or corporate functions and other events.

Photograph of Teresa Lombardi, Patrizia Gianforcaro and Lady Luck Production ensemble dancers taken by Chloe Whitehorn ( AMuse Photography)

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