Live Review: Music Inspired By Shakespeare (Black Creek Summer Musical Festival)

Black Creek Summer Festival is presenting a “Music Inspired By Shakespeare” concert tonight at 8pm, featuring verses recited by famous actors Helen Mirren (The Queen) and Jeremy Irons (The Lion King).

This theatre review will be different from the rest because it will be live! Well, we always love trying something new here at Mooney on Theatre. I’ll be blogging live from the social media suite at the Rexall Centre. That’s right, stream-of-consciousness coming from yours truly and with no room for sober second thought. Keep refreshing this blog post for fun little updates throughout the evening. I have posted my full, thought-out review here.

8:00 PM
Got here just in time! Parking was far away but I made it. It’s a beautiful summer’s evening and the sun is still out. Birds are chirping in harmony with the orchestra.

8:30 PM
I definitely recognized the first song from their set. It was featured as background music in my Chessmaster 5000 computer game.

A lot of old folks here. I can imagine the husbands dragging their wives just for a glimpse of Helen Mirren, and women for Jeremy Irons… Also, there is a gold piano onstage. I wouldn’t mind having that in my foyer.

The sun is setting now, but it’s still warm. The orchestra will be performing one more set based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The performers seem pretty young. I hear there are Mini Haagen Daz ice cream cups for sale at the concession stands. Mmm, ice cream.

11:57 PM
Well, the show ended at about 10:30 PM or so. They played the Wedding March as one of their final pieces, which was fun to listen to live. Helen Mirren fumbled a few of her lines. Jeremy Irons wore many different hats – at one point he pretended to be a girl and I thought it was Helen Mirren talking! He is so genuinely talented, I wish he were in more mainstream movies. I’m off to bed and will post a more thought-out review shortly. Thanks for joining me.

I have completed my full review of the Music Inspired by Shakespeare concert here.

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