Jungle 1 – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

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Historic architecture inspires innovative spy-thriller

Urban Jungle Theatre’s Jungle 1: i Spy part of new wave of site-specific theatre unveiled at Toronto’s Fringe Festival

TORONTO, ON – Inspired by the old stones and cold grey cement of a well-known Toronto landmark, a visionary live–action outdoor spy thriller will soon play at the upcoming Toronto Fringe Festival July 6th-17th, 2011.

The entire six member ensemble of Tononto-based Urban Jungle Theatre (www.urbanjungletheatre.ca/ispy), creaters and producers of Jungle 1: i Spy, used the unique blend of old and new architecture of Central Technical School in the city 80’s lively Annex area to stimulate and craft the scenes for the play which will be performed on-site at the old school.

The audience, seated on the grass before the backdrop of the school’s exterior, will be treated to a theatre-in-the round experience, says Gillian Street, director of the Urban Jungle Theatre ensemble.

“The actors will move in and around people, and the audience will see that the school’s facade and ‘feel’ is key to the production,” she notes.  Jaunty fedoras and belted trench coats will add to the mystique and atmosphere of the thriller, set in the cold war era of the early 1960s.

“Groups are already doing site-specific theatre in Vancouver and Montreal”, notes Emily Niedoba, producer, “But it has only recently become popular in Toronto.  Using sites in this way tends to grab the imagination of the local community.  People who walk through the school grounds with their kids and dogs are stopping to watch the rehearsals and ask questions about the production.”

“It’s our hope that they will be interested in the show, and through the show see the space they’ve taken for granted in a new light,” she added.The production, which combines dance (a Spy Tango), physical theatre, and an original soundtrack provided by live percussionists and a jazz singer, with traditional dialogue, was a collaborative effort, its creators say.  “All the musicians and actors brought their ideas and talents into the process, which has resulted in a rich multi-dimensional piece” says Ms. Street.

Urban Jungle Theatre’s Jungle 1: i Spy will run July 6th-17th (excluding July 11th) at 7pm at Central Technical School as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. Urban Jungle Theatre produces and develops collaboratively-created site-specific performances that are both visually and emotionally compelling.

Jungle 1: i Spy runs:

Wednesday, July 6th

Thursday, July 7th

Friday, July 8th

Saturday, July 9th

Sunday, July 10th

Tuesday, July 12th

Wednesday, July 13th

Thursday, July 14th

Friday, July 15th

Saturday, July 16th

Sunday, July 17th

All shows begin at 7:00 pm at Central Technical School, 725 Bathurst Street.

The show is an OUTDOOR piece so please bring your own blankets, if you do not feel comfortable sitting on the grass and dress appropriately for the weather. In case of light showers, bring an umbrella. Rain cancellations will be posted on the website www.urbanjungletheatre.ca and our on our facebook group. Also be aware that the audience will be required to travel around the space.

Box Office Details:

On-Line: June 15th – July 17th at www.fringetoronto.com

By Phone: June 15th – July 17th from 10am- 6pm by calling (416) 966-1062

In Person: July 6th – 17th, 12pm – 8pm at The Fringe Box Office Tent which will be located in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s (34 Lennox Ave.)



No latecomers will be admitted. The Toronto Fringe Festival offers no refunds or exchanges. In the case of a show cancelled due to inclement weather, please contact the company directly.